Essays on The Marketing Role and Environmental Impact of Packaging Assignment

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The paper “ The Marketing Role and Environmental Impact of Packaging” is an affecting example of an assignment on marketing. The packaging is regarded as an essential component of the modern lifestyle since it affects the way business is organized. It is recognized as an integral part of modern marketing operation which embraces all phases of activities in the transfer of goods and services from the manufacturer to the consumer. The packaging is also an important part of the branding process as it helps to communicate the image and identity of a company to the customers (Giles, 2004).

The significance of packaging has been recognized increasingly in the international as well as in the local market in marketing a wide range of industrial goods and services. Purpose of packagingPackaging refers to the process of placing a company’ s product into a container or enclosing a physical object mostly a product that will be offered for sale. It involves activities such as designing and producing the container for a product. Packaging can also be defined as the wrapping material around a consumer item that serves to contain, identify, describe, protect, display, promote and market a product.

It serves various purposes for both the manufacturer and the consumer which include protecting the product inside from extreme heat, cold, moisture, vapor, drying atmospheres and harsh weather conditions like rain sunlight and rain during transportation (Giles, 2004). In addition, packaging helps protect the product from being contaminated by pathogens, dust particles or being damaged by pressure. Its importance is also seen in the grouping of small objects for efficiency (agglomeration). This is done by placing many small objects into one package making it easy to transport unlike when the products are transported individually.

For instance, putting pencils into one box is one way of combining little products in one package that is easy to handle and transport. In the case of bulk commodities, packaging helps to transform them into suitable sizes that are easy to transport. Another importance of packaging is that since it involves labeling products; information included in the design is passed on to those who will come across the product. Labeling packaged products is a requirement especially for those products that require specialized transportation for safety reasons.

This is because products might break, scratch or deform during transportation but the packaging makes sure that the products reach their destination without any breakage (Mathlouthi, 1999). Information written on the containers holding the packaged goods shows how a product can be used, the date of expiry, date of production, number of calories, price of the product and opening instructions for the consumers. Communication is thus a major function of packaging and for it to be effective; a package must communicate what it sells. For manufacturers, packaging reduces theft incidences during transportation.

Some packages such as software packages are purposely made larger than the product inside making it difficult for a thief to steal the product. In addition to reduced theft cases, manufacturers also benefit from the lowered cost of advertisement since attractive packaging will draw more customers and encourage more purchases. Some of the marketers use labeling and packaging for marketing because they believe that marketing cannot be done without a proper design for the product, especially packaging design.

It helps to persuade consumers to purchase the product and also plays the role of identifying one product from another due to its uniqueness in each product for which it is used. Packaging increases the shelf life of a product since it keeps the products clean and fresh such as canned food(Mathlouthi, 1999).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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