Essays on The Marketing Strategy and Its Implementation for David Jones Case Study

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The paper "The Marketing Strategy and Its Implementation for David Jones" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. David Jones, a chain of department stores in Australia is executing its business through thirty-seven stores on a sustainable and profitable basis. The management of the store has adopted a business strategy with a diversified approach and a marketing strategy purely based on restricted tools of the marketing like through publications for the introduction and information of the products to the potential customers as on regular basis. The marketing strategy is mainly consisting of the segmentation of the products with clear cut boundaries, targeting specific social classes on the basis of their economic positions and positioning of the customers as well as of the staff of the stores for the sales and purchases of the products as on win-win basis(Duncan, 1972)(1).

The main thrust of the management is to attract the youngsters through their innovative products and marketing strategies for the sustainability of the business through the profits as earned in favor of the store. The management has faced a number of administrative and business issues while executing its business in the retail sector however the same has been tackled with the adoption of workable business tools for ensuring acceptance of the products by the valuable customers(Kazanijan, 1986)(2).

The issue of departmental stores as has been witnessed the world over by the management of the David Jones through the policy of the observance of the fundamental strategic business principles that is to cater the needs of the customers on a priority basis a slogan that "there is no other store like David Jones".

The marketing strategy as adopted by the top management of the David Jones will serve as a model strategy as the same has proved to be a successful strategy during the year 2005, the management has achieved a record profit of $ 77.9 million as in favor of the department store and the same could be replicated by other similar business organizations for ensuring their sustainability and profitability through their respective businesses. Situation Analysis David Jones is executing his business since 1838 with its original name in the retail sector.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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