Essays on The Marketing Strategy Starbucks Company Intends to Follow Case Study

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The paper "The Marketing Strategy Starbucks Company Intends to Follow" is a delightful example of a case study on marketing. Starbucks has its presence in the coffee market and with gaining popularity along with all generation the coffee chain has extended its stores and growth potential by launching different stores worldwide. The coffee chain intends to attract the under 18 generations by launching a beverage which is a variant of coffee but has low caffeine content. The company intends to do so considering the wide market it has. The report presents the marketing strategy the company intends to follow.

It also highlights the SWOT the company will have. The report presents how the different marketing strategies and entering into different contracts like the franchise model and extending their reach to another market will benefit. It also presents the way it will have an impact on the stakeholders and the way the performance will be monitored. The objective of the study Identify the potential the beverage market has Identifying the preference of different age groups towards different drinks like alcohol, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and juices. Identifying the potential market where Starbucks can launch itself with a new variant. Introduction Starbucks having its presence in the coffee markets intends to launch products for the younger generation thereby showing its concern for the younger generation and including them in their customer base.

The company intends to have a marketing plan where it launches a variant of coffee with low caffeine so that the health is not compromised. The company based on it has devised a marketing plan for the same where it intends to increase its presence and also grow in the beverage market. SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis for Starbucks while launching a new product for the youngster will help to identify the areas where the company can work and strengthen itself into a better player. Strengths Satisfies customer needs of thirst which is a basic need A large market and increasing customer base due to population growth especially youngsters Variety of flavors and packaging’ s suiting all customer needs Weakness Limited shelf life thereby making the product become unfit for consumption Brand power require to market the product pushing the cost to rise Opportunities Huge potential in the beverage segment as there is an upward trend and the younger generation are preferring it. Opportunity to launch variant in the soft drink market along with a health drink Opportunity to tap the coffee, tea market as it is growing. Threats High distribution cost Health issue surrounding the beverage industry Marketing Opportunities Starbucks has a good presence and can increase it by sustaining efforts.

The company can look forward to developing itself in the overseas market by continuing with the same business model at the same time also develop its franchise model.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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