Essays on The Melbourne Coffee Plaza's Ownership, Mission, the Key to Success, Products, Locations, and Facilities Case Study

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The paper “ The Melbourne Coffee Plaza’ s Ownership, Mission, the Key to Success, Products, Locations, and Facilities ” is a  breathtaking example of a case study on marketing. The Melbourne Coffee Plaza is a full-service coffee cart located in Melbourne, Australia. The restaurant features a full menu of fairly priced "comfort" coffee influenced by African and Italian beverage making but based upon well-researched recipes from leading restaurants around the world. The coffeehouse has magazines to entertain guests, ample space for live musicians and other performers, including a dessert bar with a great assortment of cakes.

In essence, assuming an ordinary restaurant with the vastness of entertainment, service and quality food but in this case, beverage only would paint an image of the enterprise. It is envisioned that Melbourne Coffee plaza will chase among the great coffee houses in the country and even abroad within a matter of months from its date of opening. Quality is therefore the factor of production that is mainly emphasized in this venture. Hopefully, the business will produce a competitive brand. The employees and consumers will work together in the realization of the set goals.

The Melbourne Coffee Plaza will be a self-proprietorship by Hiu Fung Chan. This business plan provides interested parties with a chance to revise our vision and business strategy. It also defines how the business will be established in a detailed way. It outlines start-up, establishing favorable sales numbers, gross margin, and profitability of Melbourne Coffee Plaza. Entrepreneurship is the activity of identifying business opportunities and gathering resources for that business opportunity (Bruin, Anne & Dupuis 2003). Therefore an entrepreneur is anyone who is able to come up with innovative ideas and use them with the available resources to put up a new business venture.

Given that a business is pursuant to profit-making endeavors, entrepreneurial skills are quite the qualifications for anyone conducting business or at the very least desire to do so. This involves being observant of one's environment and trying to see the opportunities it presents. The presence of the University of Melbourne in Melbourne city has offered a chance for several business opportunities. For example, there has been an outright demand for coffee in the world and specifically in Melbourne in order to be stylish with the current themes of new coffee in the market.

It is with this observation that a business venture will be set up with the name Melbourne Coffee Centre. The Centre will be set up at different locations where most students spend their leisure time reading or relaxing, for example around the swimming pools. MissionThe Melbourne Coffee Plaza was conceptualized as a way to penetrate a market that remains so potential yet uninvested, the beverage industry. Located in the Melbourne University lounge, The Melbourne Coffee Plaza will avail beverage and a great entertaining experience to the customers at a reasonable fee.

In time, The Melbourne Coffee Plaza will become a “ joint” of choice to the many students of the University, as well as numerous campus visitors. The Coffee Plaza hopes that in the event of a ‘ coffee rash’ if any, the shop will be the first choice for all beverage consumers in the area. Not only does the management and ownership of the Plaza envision competition, but effective strategies to outmaneuver all like-minded entrepreneurs within the confines of business law.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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