Essays on The Misadventures Of An American Expatriate In Europe Case Study

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The misadventures of an American expatriate in EuropeGlobalizationQ1.One type of international organizations featured in this article is a multinational enterprise. Multinational enterprises are profit-making corporations that operate in several countries (Campbell & Craig, 2005). This is Pharma First International. The company is a multinational enterprise since it is a profit-making organisation, which operates in various countries across the two continents of Europe and North America. Pharma First operates internationally as Firma First International, with a subsidiary in Europe called Pharma First Europe, which is wholly owned by the Pharma First international.

In addition, there are other types of governmental organisations mentioned, like the American Embassy in India (Deardorff, 2009). Q2.aThe human resource management approach adopted by the Pharma First International headquarters was aimed at transferring technical expertise to the new acquisitions in Europe. The company aimed at retaining the current crop of employees in the new acquisitions, while at the same time, sending a few expatriates who would be used to implement relevant policies in line with the company’s international policies. This is the reason why Jason and Mike were each given some strategic role to ensure that the company’s goals and core-values would be adhered to the core (Goldsmith, 2003). The company also needed to ensure that there would be real transfer of knowledge and management style from the American branch to the new acquisitions in Europe.

This is the reason why Jason was sent to Munich in an attempt to gloom new leaders who would take over and be in charge of operations one he had left (Harvey & Griffith, 2002). This he tried to do for the first six months in Munich.

The intention of the company was that there would be able leaders from Europe who would be able to take over the management and running of this company once the European branch was effectively established. Although it may have failed to materialise at the end, it was initially an exceptionally bright idea (Campbell & Craig, 2005). Q2b. Pharma First International internalization strategy and the headquarters approach concerning Internal Human Resource Management and internal assignments seem not to work together exceptionally well. While the internalization strategy aims at making the firm to extend beyond the current borders and reach new frontiers there is no corresponding approach that ensures that ensures that there is an adaptation of the local management approach.

The management seems remarkably much interested in creating a unified international firm, but their habit of sending and using foreign employees who are not aware of whatever is happening on the ground serves to pull down the unification effort (Harris, 2005). It would be prudent for the firm to make use of the local management experts who have a wide knowledge in the operation of the works of the local subsidiaries in foreign countries.

Although their effort to bring in experts seems commendable at first, the idea fails when the expatriates fails to understand the culture in this place of the world. It would have been wiser for their management teams to do more research before assigning international assignments (Kew & Stredwick, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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