Essays on Integrated Marketing Communication for Starbucks Company Case Study

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In general, the paper "Integrated Marketing Communication for Starbucks Company " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Many organizations are developing and implementing integrated marketing communication with the aim of improving the relationship between the customers and the marketing team. IMC is the process that helps to integrate the feedback from customers, the product information and the organization and ensure that the information is consistent over time (Hoyer & MacInnis 2001). This report will discuss the concepts of integrated marketing communication as it has been applied by Starbucks Australia.

The product selected for this assignment is nеsрrеssо coffee. Company background and product description The company selected for this assignment is Starbucks Company which is among the leading companies in coffee products globally. The Starbucks Company was introduced into the Australian market in the year 2000 and in the year 2006 the company opened its first store in South Australia. The company provides a variety of coffee products including nеsрrеssо coffee (Starbucks Australia 2014). Due to the strategies which are applied by the company, it has managed to open many stores outlets and operates in more than 60 countries globally.

This means that the company has an effective market share due to the quality of coffee products and services it offers to the customers that help to meet the diversified needs of the customers. The company has invested in public relations and this has led to its competitive advantage. Nеsрrеssо coffee is one of the unique coffee products which are sold by Starbucks Company. The product is unique due to its features which help to meet the needs of the customers. For instance, nеsрrеssо coffee is rich in terms of flavor and has a lingering aroma which makes it attractive to the customers hence it meets the needs of the customers (Starbucks Australia 2014).

The nеsрrеssо coffee also is caramel sweet and this makes helps to provide a clear foundation for foundation lattes. In this effect, the product is effective in meeting the diversified needs of the customers hence it has made Starbucks gain competitive advantage since the customers prefer its products. Target market The target market for nеsрrеssо coffee is the customers from South Australia.

The target market includes the working employees who can be able to but the coffee product. This means that the marketing team will concentrate on marketing the product to the civil servants and the business people who work and are able to buy the coffee products (Hoyer & MacInnis 2001). In addition, the other target market for nеsрrеssо coffee is young people aged between 20 and 35 years old. This target market was selected because it helps to provide necessary nutrients to the young people who require the ingredients for growth.

This means that the marketing team should be able to conduct market research to determine the needs of the target market in terms of pricing and distribution so that the needs of the customers can be met hence they can be satisfied and be retained in the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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