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The New Improved iPhone by Apple Company The New Improved iPhone by Apple Company Apple is among the most successful companies today and the brand is a favourite due to its wide range of trendy products including Mackintosh computes, iPods, iPads and iPhones. The large number of sales in their products can be attributed to the strong and health brand it has built in the information technology world. Nonetheless, the company still faces stiff competition from other companies. These include Amazon through its Kindle tablets that rival the iPad, Google competing through the Google Chrome software that is a cloud-based asset and the Android.

The other major competitor of Apple is Real Networks while Sony also comes into play due to the variety of applications for music, console and movies it produces (O’Grady, 2008). O’Grady (2008) states that most of the competitors like Google have their advantages in the fact that some of its products are cloud-based; this implies they can store a lot of data. In addition, their products tend to be cheaper as compared to Apple. However, the products are not as trendy as iPad that is attractive due to the application based and touch support that makes it more efficient.

Another competitor, the Microsoft has launched many products for the computers such Windows 7 that have gained prominence. Hence Apple does not become a threat in the software market. However, they do not have a niche in the smart phone sector as Apple does as shown by the iPhone that has sold over 120 million units since its launch in 2007. Amazon through Kindle is a worthy competitor and it is able to deliver digital content like music, movies, and books to its users.

This is due to the cloud based approach it has taken. Nevertheless, it lags in management of local content beyond the mobile devices and does not have a broad range of products like Apple. In order to differentiate Apple Inc. from its competitors, the first thing to do is build a strong and healthy brand that is accompanied by a variety of products that satisfy its niche of customers. This is going to be achieved by development of own software, hardware and use of web technology to increase awareness of the products and sales.

Consequently, ensuring that Apple continues to maintain its leadership role, a multifaceted approach will have to be taken. This will include continuing production of better operating systems, applications for their environments along with the user interface to keep up with the changing technology. In addition, the ability to manage people’s digital assets will boost its dominance along with provision of content to the user that include music, video and applications for its devices (Novriansyah, 2009). According to Novriansyah (2009), Apple faces some macro-environmental issues that will affect its growth like China joining the WTO; this means it can bring its cheaper products to compete with those of Apple.

In addition, the rapid and sustained change in technology means that they face competition from emerging products that are cheaper, more efficient and better. Besides this, change in social trend means that they have to keep up with the lifestyle and needs of consumers in entertainment, server, and interconnectivity among other things.

Moreover, the increased competition implies that the burgeoning power of the customer is increasing hence they have to lower the cost of production in order to cut down the price of their products. Finally despite all these factors, Apple enjoys a strong brand that has a reputation of producing quality products. In conclusion, the best possible approach is dwelling on strong brand and reputation and ensure all effort is put in maintain the status through innovation both in software and hardware. Reference O’Grady, J. (2008). Apple Inc. ABC-CLIO. Novriansyah, N.

(2009). Global Business Environment of Apple. Retrieved on 6th December 2011 from

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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