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The paper "Obama Hits 50% Approval Rating in Poll by David Jackson" is a delightful example of an article on politics. The news article is about recently released poll results in relation to the rating of the United States of America president Barrack Obama. The polls were conducted by the new Washington Post-ABC News poll in December. The current survey ratings are considered as the highest since a similar poll was conducted in 2013. Thus, the polls indicated that President Obama’ s rating had hit 50%. This was considered as a relief to the Americans who are keen on how the president will address the key issues that affect them as a state.

The polls were conducted as a result of voters granting Republicans authority over the senate and an increased GOP majority in the U. S. House. According to the polls the ratings of president Obama improved considerably as a result of perceived good economic improvements. In addition, the poll reflected a further sharp divide among the Americans along Democratic and Republican lines. However, the article gave more hope of the two sides of the political divide to overcome their political differences and pave way for political stability and tolerance in the United States.

It was therefore evident that President Obama’ s ratings had greatly improved since November 2014 as a result of the president’ s zeal in resolving such issues as immigration and climate change within the context of the United States. According to the polls, the ratings of president Obama could further improve in the future if he successfully addresses various issues that affect the Americans. In addition, the unity and political stability among the Republicans and Democrats are crucial in American politics (David, 2015).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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