Essays on The Nigressence Report Book Report/Review

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Nigrescence Report Nigrescence Report The Nigrescence Theory was put forward by William E. Cross. He used this theory as an explanation of the process by which a person acquires the identity of becoming a black. The theory revolves around the “process of becoming black. ” This is the actual meaning of the word Nigrescence. As the theory suggests there are five stages by which a person acquires the identity as a black. These five stages are: pre-encounter, encounter, immersion, emersion and internalization. These stages happen on a continuous process throughout the lives of people and through this they acquire their identities.

The different types of identities the black African Americans are likely to have is highlighted extensively via this theory. The theory was put forward in two stages by William E. Cross who had got his PhD from Princeton University. He had taught at different capacities at Cornell and Penn universities. The first stage was in 1971 through the book, ‘The Negro to Black Conversion Experience. ’ This was edited and affirmed in the other book in which the theory was revisited in detail.

This book was, ‘Shades of Black: diversity in African-American identity. ’ (1991) The theories put forward by Cross in his books form the most authentic and well known theories of Racial identities that exists in the academic world. As the theory explains the five stages of the process of turning into black these also help explain many minor details of the racial identities and the minorities. Also a statistical study scale has been devised which helps analyse the situation in a much compact and efficient way.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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