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The paper "The North Face Strategic Marketing Report " is a good example of a marketing case study.   North Face is one of the key manufacturers and distributors of backpacks in the United States and in the world. The company controls a substantial market share and is a force to reckon with in the backpacking industry. Over the recent years, the company has been faced with a problem of introducing a new product line (Skiwear) in the market in a bid to complement its backpacking product line which has reached maturity (Mezzatesta & Cook 1983, p.

751). As a result of this, the future growth of the backpacks is uncertain since the company is way above the industry standards; which explains its position above its competitors. Venturing into the skiwear industry is seen as a possible growth route since the company had not focussed on tapping this industry in the previous years. The company is faced with a problem of introducing the new product line in the market without affecting its current backpack business negatively. As a result of this, the company needs to establish a marketing strategy which would enable the company to introduce the company successfully in the market.

The following report gives an analysis of the company gives its marketing objectives and marketing strategies. Lastly, the report will give justified recommendations to the company.   Analysis In order to be able to make appropriate recommendations to North Face, it is important to analyze the company itself and the market which it operates in. The following section will give a situational analysis of the company, then do a strength weakness opportunities threats analysis of the company, then analyze the industry with respect to Michael Porters Five forces which shape strategy and then evaluate the critical success factors of the company. 2.1 Situational Analysis North Face Company manufactures and sells outdoor equipment.

The company emphasizes on high-quality products hence its associated success in the market. The company initially started as a mountain speciality store but later venture into manufacturing in its bid to ensure that it provided high-quality products to its customers. The company manufactures and sells four main types of products namely sleeping bags backpacks, tents and outdoor clothing (Mezzatesta & Cook 1983, p.

743). The company has invested highly in research and development so as to ensure that its products are always a step above those of its competitors. The company has been able to manufacture products which exhibit varying characteristics, hence being able to satisfy the individual needs of specific target markets. Key to the developments in the productions of high designed products which are specifically meant to provide the customers with great user abilities. In addition to this, the company focuses on material development so as to produce high characteristic materials which have great user abilities, for instance, the low weight high strength abilities of the company’ s tents.

Currently, the backpacking business is approaching maturity if the current less than 5% growth rates realised by North Face are something to go by. This has necessitated the need for the company to venture into other product lines or businesses. The company has identified that there is growth potential in Skiwear. However, the company is faced with the problem of introducing the new product line in the market without affecting the current backpack business negatively.

The aim of this report is to identify appropriate recommendations for the company to use as it ventures into the skiwear business.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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