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  • The Portfolio 1 Task is called a 'Back Translation' exercise: we take a finished piece of marketing communications work e.g. an advertisement and 'work backwards' i.e. imagine the creative brief that was the basis of the creative work

Essays on The Portfolio 1 Task is called a 'Back Translation' exercise: we take a finished piece of marketing communications work e.g. an advertisement and 'work backwards' i.e. imagine the creative brief that was the basis of the creative work Essay

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Marketing Communications Back Translation Introduction Marketing communications refer to the objects of communication as well as associated media that is used to communicate in the marketplace. Again, market communication is said to be the elevated portion of the marketing mix (Belch et al, 2008). In addition, there are a lot of things that are connected to marketing communication. These components are called the “four Ps” which are the price, place, promotion as well as product. In the communication process, Hiltz, Johnson and Turoff (186) state that the person sending has to encode then there is a process of transmission.

After this, there is a device that decodes and then the receiver gets the information. This is a very important part of advertising or even marketing plan (Hiltz et al, 2006). Barricade is one thing that blocks marketing message from being well-organized and operative because it simply interferes with a message as it can happen at any point of communication. Overview of Marketing Communications In the olden days, experts in this field of marketing communication focused majorly on creation as well as implementation of published marketing collateral.

Later, academic as well as proficient research established the practice to use tactical rudiments for stamping and marketing to ensure message constancy throughout an organization. According to Durand (2012), alot of business trends can be credited to marketing communications. Avery good example is the evolution of the service of the customer to customer relations or even the transition to human answers from the human resource and the trends to emails, blogs or any other form of online communication. It is important to create an understanding of the creative idea in developing the product in question.

Therefore, the following section provides an understanding of the creative idea applicable in developing the product. In addition, the section tries to explain the attributes of the product. Creative brief Merckelbach, Horselenberg and Muris (2011) define creative brief as a produced article by a bidding party used mainly by specialists operating within an imaginative ground to come up with important deliverables. Background Brand Dragon Hand Gloves Timing 10th November 2013 Client expectation A creative response in which will inspire and trust dragon brand Budget $ 16 million Time frame 6 months 1. Who we are talking to-the targeted audience. The targeted audience here is mainly all the people who use hand gloves especially those who do various kinds of works. 2.

What, if any, behavior of the targeted audience do we need to challenge e. g. their current relationship to our belief about the brand. Consumers especially workers engage in various duties and activities on a daily basis. Such activities tend to destroy their hands especially if there are no protective devices. The available hand gloves are either made for very intensive jobs or are expensive to afford.

The Dragon hand gloves is made of very high quality materials and can be universally applied in the daily activities of the target consumers. 3. What are the challenges for this campaign-the objectives? Encourage the consumers of the dragon hand gloves that they are the best in the market, the cheapest, and made of very high quality materials. Encourage the consumers that the dragon hand glove is 100% protective and assure them that it is the safest and can possibly prevent them from any physical harm especially during their daily activities either in the house or garden. Encourage the consumers that being the strongest one in the market it is very cheap.

A pair of gloves costs $5, which is almost 50% lower than the market price of other brands of hand gloves. Maintain and improve brand visibility. 4. What is the brand truth? (The rock upon which the brand truth is built, the “essence”-in one or a few words) The truth about dragon type of hand gloves is that it is studded, very strong, elastic and that it is long-lasting. 5. What is the (brand) personality?

(How the communication needs to feel - the tone) The brand name (Dragon) is an important feature in setting the tone as well as the personality of dragon hand gloves. However, it is also the most important element in marketing activity. This is very important because it brings a difference and at the same time, replicate the overall brand of dragon hand gloves. 6. What is the brand purpose? (The unique role it will play in customers’ lives) Dragon hand gloves are strong enough, elastic and long life.

The consumers will enjoy it to the maximum level when using it and above all, the consumer is assured against any injuries associated with daily duties in the house or outside the house. 7. What is the proposition? (A one-sentence idea about the brand that will make a difference to the audience’s knowledge, feeling or “actions” about the brand) Dragon is a different kind of hand gloves that protects the user from any physical harm associated with the daily activities within and outside the house. 8. How will the brand break through (the communications “clutter”) and differentiate itself? Directly sell dragon hand gloves to end users as it will give confidence of high demand for the product and create referenceable customers that would communicate for packaging comment.

Since my target group is consumers that are involved in various activities in or outside the house, it will be prudent and paying to promote the product through print and non-print media. The non-print media will include the television and radio stations whereas the print media will include the dailies and other commonly read magazines.

Once I get the responses from the consumers, i will refine the packaging and price before going to wholesalers. 9. What are the must-haves (anything that has to be in the communication e. g. logo) The brand name itself which is Dragon Hand Gloves. The trade mark. The trade character. Trade-name. Account Director ……………………………………… Planning Director ……………………………………… Creative Director ……………………………………… Signature ……………… Cross (2009) states that a good creative brief should be able to say what the project is, the person the project is for, the reason behind the project, what should be done by whom and when as well as the place and how it will be used.

In summary, creative briefs are very important in running a project simply because they give us a clear picture on how we can make those particular projects successful in the market. List of references Belch, G. E., Belch, M. A., Kerr, G. F., & Powell, I., 2008, Advertising and promotion: An integrated marketing communications perspective. mcgraw-hill. Cross, N., 2009, Natural intelligence in design. Design studies, Vol. 20, No. 1; Pp. 25-39. Durand, D., 2012, Costs of Debt and Equity Funds for Business: Trends and Problems of Measurement. In Conference on Research in Business Finance (pp.

215-262). NBER Hiltz, S. R., Johnson, K., & Turoff, M., 2006, Experiments in Group Decision Making Communication Process and Outcome in Face‐to‐Face Versus Computerized Conferences. Human communication research, Vol. 13, No. 2; Pp. 225-252. Merckelbach, H., Horselenberg, R., & Muris, P., 2011, The Creative Experiences Questionnaire (CEQ): A brief self-report measure of fantasy proneness. Personality and Individual Differences, Vol. 31, No. 6; Pp. 987-995.

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