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The paper "Deep Insight into Several Issues Associated to Change" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Change is a transformation in the behaviors and practices of an individual or an organization. At the modern world, change is inevitable. This is due to the need to take account of the emerging trends in the business and the social world. The aim of the change is to make an individual or an organization better with respect to all measures; i.e. socially, financially and physically. Since it is the desire of every organization and individual to make the best out of himself or herself, change therefore becomes a part of life.

Change is a difficult task to achieve; which explains the reason as to why many people find it hard to adopt it, in fact, most of the people dislike it. People are also hesitant to change due to several factors which will be discussed later. The following paper is a case study which will take a deep insight into several issues associated to change. Question 1 From the case study, several reasons as to why people find it difficult to change have been identified.

One of the reasons as to why people find it hard to change is ‘ hard wiring’ . From the article, hardwiring is the engraving of specific skills, behaviors and beliefs which an individual identifies with. For instance, a lecturer who is used to giving lectures in the university may find it hard to teach in a primary school. This is due to the fact that the lecturer is hardwired to lecturing. When he/ she is taken to a primary or secondary school, he/ she may find it hard to teach; and more often than not, he/she will lecture, hence not being able to impact knowledge in the students.

Hardwiring makes an individual have a comfort zone, on which he/ she is able to function best. In such a case, it becomes difficult to adopt change since it is hard moving out of the comfort zone. Another reason identified in the case study as to why change is difficult is because change is painful (Annie E Cassey Foundation, 2004, p. 3). As pointed out earlier, change involves moving out of one’ s comfort zones; hence great courage is necessary.

This is a very taunting stage for people who desire to change. Many people do not have the courage to take up new behaviors or practices since they have a fear of the unknown. They find it more comfortable to contend with what they have as opposed to going for what they don’ t have. The change process is a difficult one; hence it requires a lot of hard work from an individual.

Many are the times when individual slip back into their old ways halfway on the change process. This is due to the individual’ s lack of perseverance in the process (Obry, 2010, p2). As identified above, change is painful; hence requiring a perseverant person. In addition to this, change does not happen overnight; hence the pain of change is felt over a range of time. For this reason, change becomes difficult since it requires personal courage, perseverance and hard work.


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