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Essays on Samsung - Marketing Communication Mix, Consumer Brand Awareness, and Recent Samsung Exploding Battery Crisis Case Study

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The paper “ Samsung - Marketing Communication Mix, Consumer Brand Awareness, and Recent Samsung Exploding Battery Crisis“ is an outstanding variant of case study on marketing. Samsung is one of the giant electronic company in the world that deals with a vast range of products. The presence of different products makes it to have different portfolios of marketing strategy that it deals with. However, the dominating product that drives the brand of Samsung is the smartphones known as Samsung galaxy. The following are some of the products that Samsung deals with are as follows; Mobile phones – Smartphones, normal phones, Tablets, Cameras and Camcorders, Washing machine, IT – Laptops, printers and accessories, Air conditioners, Televisions – LEDs, LCDs.

Plasma TV, SMART TV, and HDTV, Refrigerators, and Microwave ovens. Therefore for the Samsung to succeed in its business it has to employ an integrated market mix. These will ensure that all its products are covered. One thing that has made most of the customers have confident on its products is the fact that Samsung products have performed well in the last few years.

The customer service is another thing that has made most of its clients to come back due to the superiority. This gives a cutting edge in its provision on the services that it provides. The marketing mix of Samsung is one of the best due to the number of products that it is able to move in the market. However, with the recent Samsung “ exploding battery” crisis, the company has faced some negative effects in the market. Therefore in its marketing strategy it has come with different ways to ensure that its restores the confidence that was there in its customers.

The first action it took was to call back around 3 million smart telecom devices from all over the world in a bid to restore its brand image. Also other marketing strategies that are meant are being undertaken to ensure that its previous confidence is restored are being undertaken. In this paper we are going to investigate and analyze various activities that Samsung is undertaking in a bid to ensure that it restores back its brand image (Bhasin, 2017). Current marketing communication mix used by SamsungSamsung marketing communication strategy has two steps that can be executed as different activities.

The execution of these activities takes place while considering the legal elements of market communication. The two steps are execution and production. The legal view of market communication will assist in building the message to be disseminated to ensure that the brand image is not affected in any way to cause the company financial implications. When undertaking its advertising campaigns, Samsung uses both the media and print as the basic means of passing its information to the public.

It tries to explain the new safety features that have been built within its devices to ensure that customers can have the confidence of purchasing its electronics once more. Live commercials for Samsung Galaxy S 3 device is one of the frequently used methods that has led to increased net worth in the market. Popular channels in the world are used to ensure that majority of its customers are reached. This has resulted in making the customers forget the recent exploding battery crisis.


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