Essays on The Reflective Report On Environment Degradation Assignment

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IntroductionAfter being involved with the environmental club for a long time in our institution for a long time, I decided to write an article on environmental degradation to be included in the school magazine. My aim of writing the article was to sensitize the masses on the various environmental issues and the importance of conserving the environment. The idea of writing about the environment evolved from the numerous conferences I had attended while working as a leader of the environmental club in our school. These conferences gave me an insight on the importance of conserving the environment.

The numerous trips we made as a club to various polluted sites made me realize how urgent it for people to get the information on environmental issues. Figure 1: Surbubub Sprawl on Environmental DegradationSource: Tilman et al. , 2011Although I needed to write an article on the topic, I had no idea how to frame it. I had never written an article before and I was not sure on what to do. I decided to search on the internet on the techniques of writing an article.

Many sites popped up and this gave me an idea on what to do it. after getting a rough idea on how to go about writing the article, I started talking to friends about the issue opened discussions with friends especially from the school of journalism. I realized that if the project of compiling the article was to be a success, then I needed their help. This way, I ensured that my friends are also involved in the project. We started searching for various sources of information and literature on this issue.

However, we realized that there were very few sources that conclusively addressed the topic on how to design an article. The biggest motivation of writing the article was the sorry state of the environment. Due to extensive environmental destruction, human beings must come to a realization that we cannot continue using the resources the same way we used to do in the past. This is because the resources are waning at a very fast rate. In addition, some of the human practices are proving to be detrimental to the environment.

Environmental destruction is a moral issue. This is because human beings are the main agents of environmental pollution. The aftermaths of environmental degradation are evident in our society today: eroded soil and bare grounds, chemicals in our foods and water, smog in our cities, poor disposal of radioactive materials, among others (Mani, 2010 pp 56). Massive destruction of the environment has been reported in the last few decades. Extensive destruction of the rain forests in the tropics, pollution of the atmosphere by the big industries releasing poisonous smoke, which results in acid rains and global warming are some of the evidences of the way human beings are striving to destroy the planet earth. Figure 2: Human Activities Destroying the environment Source: Tilman et al. , 2011Environmental degradation has so many effects.

One of the effects is that it leads to loss of biodiversity. Due to massive of logging of trees, most plants and animals have become extinct. In order to conserve the remaining animals, governments have been forced to build zoos and game parks to keep the animals safe. All this is unnecessary if human beings are a bit careful with their environment.

Environmental problems do not only affect the locality in which the source of pollution emanates but also every region in the world. This is because contaminated water from one region flows freely to other regions causing pollution even in those regions. When industries from one region release smoke in the atmosphere, the whole world is affected because the effects the smoke will have on the atmosphere will be shared by all regions. This is because all regions in the world share same the atmosphere

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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