Essays on The relationship between Information Technology and Marketing Assignment

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The relationship of information technology and marketing Nowadays, every activity turns to information technology for effective, cheaper and most reliable results. The business world highly relies on information technology from their basic operation of storing, processing and production of documents such as basic printing of a document. This paper assesses the relationship of information technology and marketing (Galvin 45). The global economies stand fast - paced today more than ever before. So is the customer empowerment on the ground of social technology hence empowering all aspects of marketing from how governments run brand positioning.

Technology empowerment to public as lately exhibited in the entire world has put alert to marketers. The modern digital age requires marketing groups to act with swiftness when it comes to product development circle. The shift in customer prospects makes necessitates instantaneous solutions as contrasting to same day reactions (Galvin 145). Adjusting to real time response is where technology is taking us to and marketing campaigns have to be aligned and incorporated to this new scenario. Maintain tabs with customer data stand answer to success, and this offers an enormous opportunity for Information Technology so as to achieve affirmative result since the dawning of the internet.

Apparently, we live in an age of leaving the traditional approach of transacting commerce to optimizing the customer worth chain so as to optimistically impact on supply chain working results (Silverstein 67). This can only be achieved by customer data focus and it should surpass the demographic feature but also at individual point. This helps in calculating future customer needs hence availing custom made yield for such. This exposes businesses to the individual disposable earnings while increasing its shares per entity consumer.

Such companies finish up dominating supply chains due to their aptitude for outsource products globally hence meeting their customer expectations. Organizations with deeper customer or consumer insights usually raise their market share to outdo the supply chain prevailing ones as fresh forces in customer value chains. Running customer data flow should then be translated in customer loyalty programs. The majority of customer insights shoot from historical data and rising trends which form the basis of loyalty programs achievement (Harm 32). A well handled customer data flow whether internal or outsourced is the way to maneuver this information technology era for successful business marketing. There exist enough reasons to suppose that there stand an enormous relationship between Marketing and Information technology, and the success depends in customer data management and internet reaching as best practices.

Establishing a close cooperation between the two enables organizations react quickly to market alterations (Harm 65). The principal test is the mistrust between information technology and marketing. Marketing might see information technology as unresponsive while information technology sees marketing as unnerved.

The shift is a massive potential and a chance just like the internet was there in the 1990s. What is your perception? Merging marketing and IT for easier marketing playing ground and growth of organizations stand as an economically brilliant idea?   Works Cited Galvin, Eamonn. Marketing and Information Technology: The Strategy, Application and Implementation of IT in Marketing. New York: Pitman, 2010. Harm, Gerrit. Marketing Management Support Systems: Principles, Tools, and Implementation. New York: Springer, 2000. Silverstein, Barry. Internet Marketing and Information Technology Companies. New York: Maximum Press, 2001.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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