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The paper 'Challenges in Human Resource Management" is a good example of a human resources essay.   Business today can not effectively operate in the modern world if the workforce is not adequately equipped with modern technology and practices (Hashim & Hameed, 2012). It is the responsibility of the human resource manager to effectively train the existing workforce in the organization and to see what the human resources need to achieve the competitive advantage of the organization (Srivastava & Agarwal, 2012). However, due to changes in the business environment, such as globalization, workforce diversity, changes in technology and information technology, as well as changes in a political and legal environment, HR manager facing a lot of challenges in managing the workforce in a way that helps organizations achieve their business strategies.

Also, these challenges make it problematic for HR managers to attract, retain and develop highly skilled employees (Srivastava & Agarwal, 2012). This article will discuss how these challenges affect HR management and how HR managers can assist organizations to achieve their business strategies through implementing talent attraction, selection, and retention and performance management. Globalization Globalization involves movement toward a world economy that is more integrated and interdependent.

It is an extension of similar market forces beyond national boundaries that have operated for many years at all levels of human economic activity (Srivastava & Agarwal, 2012, p. 46). Globalization has made the world trade and financial markets to be more integrated. This has had a great impact on HRM due to problems related to unfamiliar laws, practices, attitudes, languages, work ethics, competitions, management styles among others. This implies that HR managers have the challenge to handle more heterogeneous functions and increased involvement in the personal life of employees (Alnaqbi, 2011). The biggest challenge about globalization is that it leads to expatriates who bring with them their culture (Alnaqbi, 2011).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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