Essays on The Required Skills and the Desired Traits of Assistant Restaurant Manager Admission/Application Essay

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The job I searched for is for an assistant restaurant manager. The position entails working with the General Manager, making sure company policies are met and performing tasks so the daily operations would flow smoothly. The candidate for the position should have experience as an assistant restaurant manager or a similar role in high-volume casual dining, leadership and training skills, excellent work ethic and an approachable leadership style. The candidate must also be guest-focused and service-driven. At this stage, I think I do not have the experience for this job. I want to work in the food industry, however, I still lack the experience required for this position.

If accepted, this would be my first job experience. As such, it would also be the first time to work at a high-volume food place and the post requires experience in the field. On the other hand, I believe I can be a good leader and trainer should my application be accepted. It is my opinion that a good leader also needs to be a good team member. In class, I have been both a leader and a team member and had not problems with my team mates on both occasions.

As this would be my first attempt at an actual work place, I still have gain experience on how to be guest-focused and service-driven. I know in a customer-oriented industry, it is part of the assistant manager’s job to ensure guest satisfaction by providing quality service. Because of this, I would need to expose myself to situations wherein I could get a first-hand experience in a restaurant setting wherein making the customers happy with the service they are getting.

I would also need to complete a course in management to appreciate why things are such in the restaurant industry. Because some theories may not be applicable in real life, I would also need hands-on experience probably from an on-the-job training situation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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