Essays on The Retirement Crisis Case Study

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The paper "The Retirement Crisis" is a great example of a case study on social science. By definition, a crisis is a situation of great danger or difficulty that involves an imminent critical change. Concerning the contemporary society, there is a retirement crisis. Steve Skvara, a retired electrical steelworker from Union Township, Indiana, significantly highlighted the gravity of the issue facing all Americans. Skrava mentioned healthcare for every person, and justice to workers who lose their benefits in corporate liquidation, and retirement security for seniors, as critical areas that require scrutiny to deal with the retirement crisis.   A number of unsung heroes in the country undergo the brunt of the retirement crisis.

It is quite unfortunate that retirees cannot afford healthcare for their families. Obamacare largely resulted from Skrava’ s voice and other retirees that are in a crisis. There is a need for legislation to ensure retirees still enjoy their benefits even if a company runs bankrupt. This is achievable through the institution of policies to ensure retirement security for seniors. Skrava blames the federal government for the loss of his pension, but at the same time, retirees must safeguard themselves from impending problems in the future.

Mr. Skrava is a symbol of the retirement crisis that affects all Americans. As an electrical worker in the manufacturing industry, he should have foreseen and saved adequately for his future. The 21st century is more of a technological economy than the 20th century that was an industrial economy. It is necessary for workers to adapt to such changes, and maybe even have two jobs. America is a cannibalistic society in which only the smartest survive, and those who whine demise.

One cannot sit down and simply wait for the government to assure them of their pensions or harass bankrupt companies to care for their retirees.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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