Essays on The Role of E-Commerce and Online Shopping, Factors Affecting E-Commerce Research Proposal

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The paper “ The Role of E-Commerce and Online Shopping, Factors Affecting E-Commerce” is a  fascinating example research proposal on e-commerce. Over the years there has been seen that there has been an increase in the production process that is followed by man due to the coming of the industrial revolution. With time there has been observed the emergence of the global economy which led to the development of an international economic structure where there has been experienced a systematic break down of the local barriers. Due to the changes that have taken place the companies today have to ensure that they create product consciousness among the customer base through strategic management in order to ensure that there is a stable economic market available for their products and to ensure generation of demand for their products (Kang, H., Hahn, M., Fortin, D.

R., Hyun, Y. J., & Eom, Y, 2006). This has become a vital part of the entire production system as without the creation of product consciousness and product management the competition cannot be met in the 21st century with the realization of global economics and market. With the changing demands and needs of the market, there has been seen that most of the organizations in the world have changed their management and strategic policies to ensure that greater awareness can be created in the market (Karger, D.

W., & Malik, Z. A. 1975). This has been seen to have reaped fruits for almost all the companies around the globe (Catterall, M., & Maclaran, P. 2002). But on the other hand there has to be realised that there have been certain companies and organizations which have emerged as global leaders in their field and sphere of influence but have not changed their policies or strategic management a great deal but have employed a persistent policy of organization and functioning (Kai H.

L., Choon, L. S., Matthew, K. O. L., & Izak, B, 2006). These include companies like Hershey’ s Chocolate, Johnson and Johnson and other such global leaders. But the fact remains that due to the changes that have been experienced in the international market, e-commerce has emerged strongly. But again there can be seen that the emergence of e-commerce has emerged in different variations in different societies, for example, the e-commerce of the USA is more popular than the e-commerce market in Japan.

The reasons for these variations are various factors that affect e-commerce. In the following paper, there shall be conducted a detailed analysis of the various factors affecting e-commerce. A survey based on a questionnaire will then be prepared to gather information about the consumer choices that affect the popularity of e-commerce as a method of shopping. E-commerce has emerged so strongly with international companies like E bay, Amazon.

Com, wall mart has been highly successful, that all multinational corporations like Hershey’ s chocolates, JC penny, and others have also created their online sites so that e-commerce facilities are established.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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