Essays on The Role of Employees in the Success of Ozzie Construction Company Case Study

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The paper “ The Role of Employees in the Success of Ozzie Construction Company” is a  fascinating variant of case study on human resources. This report explores the solutions to challenges facing the employees in their workplaces. It also summarizes the fact that employees are the main pillars in the company because they are one interacting with customers on a daily basis. It is vital to train employees on various issues such as customer care ethics and personal development. Such skills will benefit the company indirectly because it will discourage bullying and sexual harassment and promote the well-being of the employees. Companies are exposed to various potential risks when it comes to health and safety.

It is the duty of the top management of every company to ensure that they protect their employees and the general public from the dangers of health and safety risks. Some of the risks that are exposed to the companies are as follows: Injuries Accident risk Stress and Fire risks Locke (2012) argues that safety is an essential investment that we can make. Managers should ask themselves what it saves and not what it costs.

The law governing the business and companies requires employers to ensure the safety of the employees and the general public. This report will analyze various solutions that are designed by the human resource department for the well-being of the employees. Employee health and safetyTo ensure smooth functioning in an Ozzie Construction Company, it is essential for the managers to ensure safety for the employees. Top management of any organization should know that employees are the principal factors that determine the success of achieving goals and objectives. Health is a broad subject that can affect employees in different dimensions.

Employers need to ensure that employees are protected from physical, emotional and mental well-being. Safety is an act of ensuring that employees are physically safe in the workplace. As a human resource manager of Ozzie Construction Company, I proposed that the safety of the employees and the entire company can be achieved by installing healthy and safety programs. This will ensure that all forms of illness and injuries are minimized. In addition, these health programs can help employers and workers to know the dangers that are exposed to in the workplace on a daily basis (Einarsen et al, 2010) The effective way of protecting the employees and the entire parties who are transacting different businesses in the company is through the assessment of risk that is exposed to the company.

I can, therefore, propose to the CEO of the company to arrange for the team who are going to assess systematically any hazards to the employees and the general public. The assessment will help to identify the possible factors that are likely to affect the staff and other members visiting the company.

The effecting risk assessment process comprises of the following issues; Identification of the possible hazards in the company Identifying individuals who are exposed to risk Assessing the risk and deciding whether the install precaution is adequate Analyzing the findings Implementing the necessary action if the precaution is inadequate It is also essential to ensure that safety equipment is made available in the company. The company needs to have first aid kits that will be used in case of small accidents. There should be firefighting equipment to be used in case of fire break out.

These are basic equipment that needs to be installed in strategic corners; in the company. The CEO can also consider establishing emergency doors to be used in case of an appropriate emergency. Finally, the employers need to ensure the company and the possible risk so that in case of an accident the victims can be compensated.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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