Essays on The Role of Hollywood in Global Film Markets Assignment

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The paper "The Role of Hollywood in Global Film Markets" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting assignment. The researcher would like to acknowledge the guidance of his professors and suggestions from his peers. He would also like to thank the library staff for having made available all the reference books as required and is grateful for their efforts in scouting the online as well as the hard-copy database to ensure that everything required for the research was handy. Hollywood has reined the film production industry since its very inception.

With new media technologies at hand and the boom in cultural industries, it is no wonder then that Hollywood, which was one of the first industries to go global, now applies new methods to reach a global audience. A fantastic network of distribution outlets like cable and satellite services link communication products in an effective manner all over the world. With the new digital and media forms, especially with the boom of Do-it-Yourself culture thanks to the convergence of technologies and online sites like YouTube, film production and distribution was never as trendy and profitable.

New media forms have thus only served to boost the nexus of Hollywood in the global market. This research is inclined to study the current role of Hollywood in global markets. Executive Summary: This research probes the role of Hollywood in the global market. The history of the association, going back to almost eighty decades, the focus is to analyse the current trends in business and distribution that have influenced the role of media conglomerates. We see the ownership pattern has become more complex than ever, and that the new media technologies also have a vital role to influence the reception of media products, including Hollywood.

Moreover, the consumer has become proactive and increasingly calls the shots. As a result, the issue of Cultural imperialism seems to have been settled given that more and more Hollywood productions are now financing local language films, that have a distinct regional touch. A large number of online text were referred to for this study. The details of the literature referred have been provided in the list of references as well as in the bibliography.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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