Essays on The Role of Multi-channel Retailing within the Service Industry Term Paper

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The paper "The Role of Multi-channel Retailing within the Service Industry" is a worthy example of a term paper on marketing. Today, businesses are widely focusing on strategies that enable organizations to woe customers. The multi-channel approach has been improved through innovations mainly through improved technology. Many production companies have made it their quest to find new and magnetic ideas that are aimed at giving additional advantages through purchasing their products. This study will give a detailed analysis of what multi-channeling is and how it can be applied to attain formulated organizational goals.

Further, it will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of multi-channel retailing and its role to retailers in relation to Apple i-phone Australian company. Definition of multi-channeling Multichannel retailing is the laydown activities concerned in the selling of products and or services to customers or consumers by the use of more than one conduit. It is what links the based store to the non-store vending. It is the chance given to the customer or consumer to be able to purchase the same product from the same retailer through the utilization of multiple channel procurement conduits.

It employs strategies that are aimed at ensuring the consumer is multi-channeled (Neslinc et al, 43). This enables customers to collect similar kinds of products from different store formats. A multi-channel retailer avails the products to the consumers through more than one outlet channel. Apple mobile phone industry in Australia has a booming mobile phone and accessories have provided applications retail network in Australia with over 100, 000 outlets all over the state. The phone company utilizes the multi-channel retailing strategy to compete against other mobile phone powerhouses like Nokia and Motorola that had already set base in the region’ s market.

Apart from the iPhone additional innovations, the company uses a variety of strategies to ensure its products are accessible to the consumers as per their demands. Types of distribution channels In their strategy, iPhone Australia applies four types of distribution channels to avail their products to its consumers. These include; Direct channel: This occurs when particular manufacture of a particular product vends it directly to the customers and consumers. iPhone utilizes the retail outlets in shopping malls and authorized dealer outlets that are placed strategically in the country to avail its phones to the consumers. Retailer channel: This is the widely known channel where the product manufacturer sells the item to retailers who later sell it to the consumers.

iPhone in Australia manufactures products and sells the product to authorized agents who later avail them to the consumers. Dual/multiple channels: this occurs when a manufacturer sells products to different consumers using two or more channels (Eisenmann, 23).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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