Essays on The Role of Religious Tourism in the Economic Development of Saudi Arabian Kingdom Research Proposal

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The paper "The Role of Religious Tourism in the Economic Development of Saudi Arabian Kingdom" is a great example of a research proposal on macro and microeconomics. Tourism in Saudi Arabia is majorly based around religious pilgrimage. During the month of Hajj, Mecca receives over three million pilgrims annually, and around two million during the month of Ramadan in Umrah. In this regard, religious tourism is taking center stage when talking about tourism in Saudi Arabia. Religious tourism has contributed much to the economic prosperity of Saudi Arabia at least to the extent in which it is appreciated and noticed.

This study therefore undertakes an exploratory approach in trying to determine the importance of religious tourism to the development of Saudi Arabian economy. Primary data will be obtained through 150 questionnaires that will be sent to various stakeholders within the tourism industry. This will include; 50 government representative respondents, 30 hotel managers, 50 private investors in the tourism sector and 20 religious leaders. Secondary data will be retrieved from the database of The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities and the government’ s bureau of statistics.

In trying to do that, the study uses a sequential explanatory mixed-methods case study approach, a cross-section of the management team in the tourism sector will be surveyed to determine their opinion towards the role of Islamic tourism in the economic development of Saudi Arabia Kingdom. A survey questionnaire will be used to collect the primary data after SPSS and E-view will be used to analyze the data. The secondary data will be retrieved from the database of Commission of Tourism and Antiquities in the Kingdom.

The result of the survey will be used to answer several questions of the study and to meet the objectives of the study. It is worth noting that the results of the study will be presented to various stakeholders within the tourism sector to help improve the status of religious tourism of the country.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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