Essays on The Role of Women in Society on the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates Case Study

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The paper 'The Role of Women in Society on the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates" is a good example of a gender and sexual studies case study.   For over centuries the role of women in many of the world societies has been to remain in homes and take care of children and other family issues such as washing and cooking. This is because men believe that women are there to help but not to be at the forefront in important issues in society such as education and development.

This perception for many years has undermined the ability of women in taking part in the development of society. Women are adult females and are approximated to be above 50% of the world’ s total population. Despite the significant roles they play in development in terms of development and other spheres especially family bringing-up, all these have been as a result of great struggle amid serious denial and abuse of their rights in society. However, in modern society, the role of women has been changing and becoming very different from past society when they feared men and felt inferior to their counterparts-men.

Unlike in the past when women were expected to be obedient, loving, caring and loyal to their husbands, today women fear not men and they are striving to be parallel and independent in society issues. This social context about women has been greatly duplicated in the development and more especially the business (United nations 2012). The purpose of this essay is, therefore, to study into the concept of “ the role of women in society” in relation to the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Despite the significant role that women can play in the society even in the contemporary society more especially in the development sector, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates present two different contexts about the role of women in society.

In the United Arab Emirates society, the lawfully recognizes all people as equals and that every person in the society irrespective of gender has equal opportunity to contribute to social development. The United Arab Emirates is a good example of the world countries that have recognized the need to ensure progress for all people.

The UAE’ s law identifies women in society as equal partners in society building. This is after realizing the competence of women in various fields such as education, medicine, engineering and management which for long have been considered to be areas for men. In the United Arab Emirates, women account up to about 49.3 of the total population. According to the country’ s 2005 census, many of these women are in the workforce in the United Arab Emirates both in the private and government sector (PHC 2005).

The progress that has been witnessed in the UAE with regard to women contribution in the society has been as a result of the government’ s effort to fully empower women and give equal opportunities as it’ s in the case of men. Since the establishment of the UAE Federation in 1971, the country has witnessed enormous changes in the way women are participating in the workforce and thereby contributing positively to the overall development of the economy. According to Article 16, of the UAE Constitution, all people should be empowered to work in order to help themselves and also contribute positively to the overall development of the economy.

Article 25 of the same constitution also applauds that, “ all persons are equal before the law, without distinction between citizens of the Union in regard to race, nationality, religious belief or Social status. ” In the UAE the constitution has been developed in such a way to take care of the needs of all people. This is because the government believes that women like men are entitled to take part in social issues and become equal partners in the development process.

In the United Kingdom, the situation with regard to the role of women in society is still not clear even up today. It is very hard to tell what the role of a woman in society in the United Kingdom is. This is because no clear guideline or policy that women are expected to follow or operate.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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