Essays on The Salary System and Its Weaknesses Assignment

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The paper “ The Salary System and Its Weaknesses" is a  worthy example of a case study on finance & accounting. The salary system has a number of weaknesses within it. This means that the salaries are not paid in commensuration with the experience and qualifications of an individual. As is clear from the example of Fred, the salary system lacks a proportionate basis and is an incomplete balance of the entire equation. This shall mean that the salary system should award the individuals with an understanding that they would be looked after well when it comes to their work basis and thus paid in line with what they have learned, and what they can offer to the organization in terms of their experience and more importantly, the results. 2.

As the director, how would you handle Fred? As the director, I would ask Fred to mend his ways and tell him to raise his concerns and queries with the human resources management department. If he has some salary reservations and as to why he was being treated in an unfair manner when he compares himself with Bob, he should do this in writing and that too to the human resources management department.

Handling Fred is indeed easy if the exact problem is understood right from the beginning and this, I shall do with a sense of purpose on my side. Fred should be told precisely what is expected of him and if he has something to say, the human resources management department is the right door to knock.   Case # 2 1. As Ezra’ s manager, what would you do to retain him? As Ezra’ s manager, I would make a concerted effort for him to stay as long as possible with the company because a lot has been done to impart him with the training that he eventually gained.

I would ask for a raise in the salary that he receives as well as a higher position so that his job could be guaranteed and thus the program which was 10 months old and into the completion process could be analyzed in a proper fashion. I will make every effort to hold Ezra back with the organization and thus do my bit in an amicable manner because Ezra is indeed needed by the organization. 2.

What changes would you recommend in the educational aid program? The changes that I would recommend for the educational aid program would comprise a clear cut policy to hold back employees so that they can deliver back to the organization and thus the entire process of giving back becomes a reasonably sound equation. Also, this would mean that the bond process would be ensured as it will bring in the desired results within the related settings.

Asking them to sign a bond before they get into the educational aid program would sound a very reasonable option and one that can be looked forward to adoption on the part of the organization for the said educational aid program Case # 4 1. What actions. If any, should Jack Otto take? Jack Otto should undertake actions to make Bob realize where he has gone wrong in the last few months. Perhaps he needs to sit down with him and tell him exactly what the company demands of him and how his work productivity levels shall increase in the coming days.

He must be told where he has gone wrong and what corrective methodologies he must adapt so that respect for work is increased in the future. Jack Otto has to hold himself back when it comes to empathizing with Bob because Bob is a decent enough worker yet had tardiness issues plaguing him all the same. 2. Identify some ways that the company and Jack have contributed to the existing problem with Bob. The existing problem has come about because Bob was never asked about his tardiness and lazy work realms.

If the evil was shot in the bud right from the very beginning, these matters would have never cropped up. It would be safe to suggest that the company has done a wrong here by allowing Bob to have his own ways because company discipline is indeed very pertinent to the overall working domains that are existent globally. Case # 6 1. How does this case illustrate the lack of HR planning? There is a sound problem at hand here as far as the HR planning regimes are concerned.

The HR should have known right from the beginning what kind of strategy it is adopting and what kind of incentives and salaries it needs to give to its own employees. This would have been the cornerstone of achieving success within the realms of the business which is being run. HR planning should have made the company’ s top heads know beforehand where the problem of salaries has come up from and how these could be removed earlier to have a safe and sound future for the company. 2.

What approaches could be used to recruit mechanics? The approaches that could be used to recruit mechanics comprise of a general mechanism under which there would be two tiers to look after their salary concerns. This would mean that the senior mechanics would be given more salaries than the junior ones. The two-tier approach would guarantee that the employees remain happy and contented with their jobs, and thus give in their best at all times.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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