Essays on Matching a Painting and a Musical Composition Essay

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The paper "Matching a Painting and a Musical Composition" is an outstanding example of a music essay. The Primal Moves presents a collaboration of diversely significant classical compositions of famous musicians and composers depicting the role of music in expressing various emotions (anger, sorrow, happiness, and wonder). It aimed to discover the role of primal moves (roles, rituals, and recreation) in providing the needed inspiration to design and create a “ multidimensional sound world” . The emotional roots provided listeners with the opportunity to enjoy and reflect on the music that matches a particular emotion.

The choices composed by composers such as Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov, Adams, Strauss, Ravel, and Brahms, among others were distinctly exemplary and fitted to the colors and emotions. Michael Thomas, the musical director of the San Francisco Symphony emphasized classical music’ s ability to interpret and manifest all facets of life through its musical expression. It uses primal moves as the framework and basis for all its creations and compositions weaving together the raw emotions and pure expression of feelings of joy, anger, hope, fear, and a lot more. The experience of matching a painting and a musical composition to come up with a slideshow presentation is most enlivening and challenging as one would like to give appropriate justification to these works of art.

The use of music, after all, is to assist in building emotions, tensions, and suspense. Music also provides a multitude of facets in one’ s life which people can relate to and experience on a personal level. The ability of music to satisfy and pacify an individual’ s mood makes it an indispensable part of each person’ s life.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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