Essays on Service Encounter - Customers and LUMO Energy, Optus, Foxtel, RACV, and Commonwealth Bank Term Paper

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The paper “ Service Encounter  - Customers and LUMO Energy, Optus, Foxtel, RACV, and Commonwealth Bank" is a perfect example of term paper on marketing. Customer behavior is a major component of marketing. Services possess characteristics that are distinct which influence consumer behavior. A service involves a process, but not one single event. The customer takes part in majorly or to a small degree in the production of the service. The culture of a place plays a vital role in impacting on service delivery. The company has to understand the context of the culture to effectively provide the best services.

Proper analysis of the service encounter offers an opportunity for the company to reflect on the quality of the service and assess the degree of application of the attribution theory. The customer has to be given a chance to feel that he is in control of the service delivery process. This paper analyzes five service encounters that have taken part recently giving an insight into what led to dissatisfaction or delight of the customer. Theories, concepts, and models have been linked to the practical situation of the service encounter.

Summary The objective of this paper is personal comprehension and evaluation of service encounters that have been experienced in the recent past. The report seeks to give a critical analysis and reflection of the quality of the service provided and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the customer. Concepts, models, and theories used within the cause have been applied in the evaluation of the service encounter. Each service analysis commences with a brief explanation of the service encounter and then followed by a critical analysis of the service encounter from a personal perspective but applying the concepts, models, and theories that have been studied on service marketing during the course work (Zeithaml & Bittner, 2000).

The service encounter perception varies from one setting to another. Personalized service describes a situation where any behavior occurring in the interaction targeted to contribute to the process of individualization of the customer. Satisfaction is regarded as a function of the discrepancy between performance and customer expectations. Services entail a series of social exchanges between people.

The culture of the setting influences consumer behavior. Customer and LUMO Energy The service encounter between the customer and the electricity company LUMO Energy happens over the phone. This service encounter is labeled in this report as appendix I. As stated earlier, the service encounter was conducted over the telephone. The service encounter happened at around 3.30 pm in the evening. The customer realized that his Bill was inflated and it deemed very expansive as compared to the services he was receiving from LUMO Energy Company. After the service encounter, the customer gives a ranking of 4 out of 5 as being the rating of the service encounter. Service decisions involve pre-purchase, service encounter, and post-purchase.

The pre-purchase phase involves the acknowledgment of a need or a want. An individual search for information evaluates alternatives and makes a choice of the intended purchase. The service encounter is the purchase of the service or its consumption. The final phase involves the evaluation of the satisfaction which has been drawn from the service. Repeat purchases or customer loyalty can occur after the final phase.

This can result in a negative or positive ranking of the service by the customer. If the customer is dissatisfied he can switch to another service provider. The disconfirmation of expectations model shows the manner in which the customer perceives the service that is being rendered to him or her (Lovelock, Patterson, Wirtz & Walker, 2010). The model shows whether the process yields delight, mere satisfaction, or dissatisfaction.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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