Essays on Coles In-Store Services, Masters Home Improvement Assignment

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The paper "Coles’ In-Store Services, Masters Home Improvement" is a perfect example of a business assignment.   Measuring the quality of service is relatively difficult compared to measuring the services of goods. when it comes to service, you have to analyze it using a set of indicators that should guide your conclusions such as the customer's opinion on the service but you can not analyze the commodity’ s attribute due to the intangible nature of service, SERVQUAL model measures perceived service quality by the consumers and the person rendering the service and the actual perceptions of the service (Ferell & Hartline, 2010).

Under the respective headlines, this paper analyses five service encounters I had to find out the quality of service I received and the level of satisfaction is achieved. Coles’ in-store services Guided by the five dimensions of service which SERVQUAL uses to analyze service, I came to realize that Coles tangibles in terms of the appearance of the stores are quite commendable, the stores are spacious with the merchandise displayed in a way where you can access everything you want with little effort. The stores are clean and well ventilated to give customers conducive shopping experience as they shop and also as they wait to pay for their commodities. With stores spread very well across major cities, you can be sure to get a Coles store just near where you work or live as they are conveniently located in shopping malls and accessible stand-alone stores.

The service is reliable since one does not spend more than five minutes at the points of shopping; there are no much deliberations as to how you are supposed to pay since you can opt; for cash, credit cards or ATM payment. In case of any problem or some clarification, the attendants are very available to answer your questions and help you whenever you have a problem. I was particularly impressed by the carry to car service where the store's staff help you carry shopping to your car in case it’ s too much for you to manage on your own.

They have also given disabled and old customers an easy time shopping with trolleys specially made for this group of shoppers. You can also return anything that you took but you are not happy with depending on a number of understandable issues such as quality, the customer desk is always willing to listen to you and refund if possible. The staff really give you an assurance of quality service by how courteous they are in case you look like you need some help.

They discharge their duties competently and don’ t waste any time at the expense of the customer. The fact that you can speak to a customer service representative personally really gives a sense of empathy since you feel you are being understood (Baggozzi, 2002).

Coles have a good customer service which you can reach through calling or physically visiting the store for help. The prices at Coles are quite competitive and they give you as the customer value for money especially on grocery and dairy products which the store sells at very affordable prices. The goods are of high quality and fresh since they have a system of monitoring the shelf life of their grocery goods to ensure fresh and quality commodities for clients.

Looking back at the equity theory I think that the company is making good money delivering quality service to customers since the products are competitively priced and the service being delivered is excellent considering the high number of customers that visit the stores every day.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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