Essays on My Experiences with Moss Bros Company and Qantas Case Study

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The paper "My Experiences with Moss Bros Company and Qantas " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   This paper will examine my personal encounters with different products and services. This encounter with different services providers will be highlighted in regard to the frameworks and models, which I have come across during my studies. The encounters of the different service providers will be evaluated based on the expectations of service delivery and the actual delivery, using the different theories, models, and frameworks that underlie their different functions. This essay will evaluate my experiences with Moss Bros Company, my personal experiences with this company will be examined based on the Disconfirmation of expectation paradigm.

This paradigm states that customer’ s expectation coupled with the product and service performance leads to the post-purchase satisfaction of the customer. My post-purchase experiences will be examined based on this basis. My personal experience with Qantas will be examined based on the quality and services of the employees’ job performances regarding their ability to follow instructions. My encounters with Quanta’ s will be examined using the zone of indifference concepts, which analyses the ability of employees to follow instructions without raising objections.

Smile solutions will be examined based on the concept of Servqual. My personal encounters with this medical institution will be examined on the basis of my overall personal experience, in the Smile solutions operating environment, and the quality of their services. Ticketmaster is a company that sells tickets on behalf of its clients, encounters with this company will be examined based on its online website sales model. The websites satisfaction and dissatisfaction will be examined on the premise of E-S-QUAL efficiency and fulfillment mechanisms. Arriva Company is a transport company that offers public transport services to people in 12 countries across Europe.

In my personal encounters I experienced the unique branding of its services and coloring of the busses to serve customer needs, these personal experiences are examined on the Conceptual model of service quality. This model seeks to identify problems in service delivery and facilitate the coming up of programs to improve the services. Five encounters: Moss bros service encounter Introduction Moss Bros is one of the leading United Kingdom top menswear stores.

This store specializes in clothing wear for official events. With products such as Hugo Boss in its product line, the company is leading and has an unparalleled reputation in the industry. With over 163 years of business operations, the company has a distinct heritage of business operations that fashion-conscious people strive to have a taste of the sense of style and quality. With notable tradition is the foundation of Moss Bros, a vibrant and progressive organisation, which extends such globally well-known labels as Canali, Beale & Inman and Hugo Boss.

In the United Kingdom, generations of fashion and style mindful clients will recognize and trust the trademarks Moss Bros, Moss, and Moss Bros Hire, Savoy Taylors Guild, and Cecil Gee. With the sales of many of its units; Moss Bros is now synonymous with Moss and Savoy tailor guide. Analysis With a rich heritage and unmatched reputation, the aspects of the company’ s product quality, style, value, reputation, customer service, and fine clothing is important in the satisfaction of customers. The company is heavily reliant on customers’ unmatched experience to drive its businesses.

With world-renowned products on its product line, the image of the company is unparalleled in the fashion industry. With only focusing on the high-end menswear, the company has a target market. The success of the business is highly dependent on building on its customer’ s satisfaction by meeting the high expectations that customers have set. The distinct heritage and rich history of Moss Bros the product quality, style, value, reputation, customer service, and fine clothing are synonymous with the success of the business.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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