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In general, the paper "Virgin Mobile, McDonalds Australia, National Australian Bank" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Services are undoubtedly integral in any economy today. It’ s also true that services have become the fastest-growing component of international trade (Lovelock et al, 2011). According to Shemtob (2013), the Australian service sector as per July 2013 represented almost 705 of the country’ s Gross Domestic Product. Successes of this industry in Australia and in any other economy are usually positive indicators of economic growth. However, the services industry is always plagued by service marketing issues which when ignored may bring about some shortcoming on the part of providers.

This paper explores five personal service encounters that I went through on various occasion and with various providers. The report will also show strengths and weaknesses in service provision by the five different service providers that I encountered. Recommendations on areas of improvement have also been made. 2.0 Introduction In the world economy today, the majority of the jobs, often more than 75% of them are those that involve some form of service work (Bryson and Daniels, 2007).

Many might think and argue that the service industry is more important to most world economies today than it was a century ago. However, the service industry’ s role as one of the main pillars of any economy dates back to the Industrial Revolution and earlier. Nonetheless, there has been a considerable rise in the value and importance of services to economies in the second half of the nineteenth century to date. Lovelock et al. (2011) define services as acts, performances or experiences that a party can offer another. Most of these acts are intangible and do not necessarily lead to the ownership of anything.

Ideally, intangible products do lack physical substance. As a result of this, intangible products face a lot of service marketing that are mostly not solved or addressed by the common tradition marketing solutions (Hoffman and Bateson, 2008). This report discusses five personal encounters that bring out these issues facing service marketing. 3.0 Methodology The report will discuss my personal customer experiences at NAB Bank, McDonalds Australia, Progressive Car Insurance, Virgin Mobile, and Virgin Australia. The Report will then analyze each of the experiences with respect to services marketing models and concepts.   3.1 Discussion and Analysis 3.2 National Australian Bank 3.3 Discussion of Experience I usually bank with NAB bank, Brisbane Branch and I wanted the bank to consolidate all my current loans with them so that I could be making one single payment.

I called the bank to make an appointment with a Personal Banker who is an officer in the bank that handles such matters. However, the customer care representative who picked up my call declined to book me an appointment with the Personal Banker and insisted that my problem will be addressed via phone only.

The customer agent actually connected me to the Personal Banker and I told him my problem and I was promised that the bank would work on it immediately. The Personal Banker also would call me after 3 days to confirm. Two weeks passed without receiving any call from the bank. I decided to make a call and inquire on why the bank had not yet updated me about the consolidation of my loans.

The first time I was told that my consolidation application had been declined. On further inquiry, another customer care agent told me that my application had been approved but differed. When I was about to ask what they meant when they said that my application had been approved but differed, our phone communication was cut off from their end. Through all these phone conversations, I was constantly informed that I could only speak to the Personal Banker whom I initially contacted and no other person was supposed to handle my queries.


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