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The paper "Virgin Australia Organizational Culture Analysis" is a good example of a marketing case study.   The analysis is a review of the service encounter personal journal. Among the reviewed service encounters include a flight service travel to Egypt with the Virgin Australia airlines, a tour guide service encounter with the Australian motoring services, a financial training session with the Macquarie Group, as well as an insurance cover search service encounter with the Allianz healthcare insurance providers. In a bid to analyses the service experiences, the analysis applies the organizational culture service theory, the three stages model, consumer’ s involvement theory as well as the service disconfirmation theories for the four service encounters respectively.

Subsequently, the study offers a recommendation summary to service providers on the global market. 2.0 Encounter 1: Virgin Australia Services 2.1 Brief Analysis of the Virgin Australia Airlines Encounter My youth group organized a reward program through which every top three perfumers would get a free Asian or African trip over the summer holiday. With my emerging second best volunteer of the year, I was part of those travelling to Egypt to evidence the historical giant pyramids.

We selected the Virgin Australia airline and checked in online for available flights, booked the African bound May 19th 2014 flight. We arrived at the departures two hours earlier as already advice and received a warm welcome to the waiting lounge. The airline offered additional services such as drinks, snacks, and free wifi internet access. 2.2 Virgin Australia Organizational Culture Analysis Virgin Australia, a subsidiary of the Virgin Atlantic airlines services demonstrates that the subsidiary retains its overall parent company services delivery culture. Hankinson (1999) argued on the role and merits of organizational cultures development and retention.

In the review, the study established that through organizational cultures retention services were standardized and held constant. Through the development of cultures, employees’ activities and behaviours are developed to enhance consistency across the market despite their differences. Organisations applying a strong organizational culture attain the merits of a sustainable competitive edge. This is especially because the organizational culture is a relatively difficult market strategy to copy and emulate. Therefore, through this approach, the organisations applying strong organizational culture attain increased competitive edges.

This has been the case at Virgin Atlantic airline and venture group that regards customer services and care with absolute regard and value. Therefore, the venture has extended its customer care and focus across the subsidiaries to build increased potentials for high standards customer services. This culture extension can be illustrated through its online portal that allowed us to search for a befitting African bound flight as well as choose our desired flight day and also pay online. Moreover, the organizational customer culture can be evidenced through its provision of support services such as free internet and drinks.

The offering of these services, though non-core played a significant role in increasing our overall satisfaction. Through meeting our other needs besides the travel needs, the virgin Australia airline significantly increased our satisfaction levels. 2.3 Virgin Australia Airline Recommendations Based on the above service experience on the Virgin Australia airline, this analysis forms a series of recommendations on lessons leant from the airline services quality as well as improvement recommendations that could increase the overall organizational service delivery quality and standards.

Among the recommendations include:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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