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Essays on The Service Encounter - Specific Circumstances That Led Up to This Encounter, Level of Satisfaction with the Encounter Assignment

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The paper “ The Service Encounter - Specific Circumstances That Led Up to This Encounter, Level of Satisfaction with the Encounter” is a  telling example of an assignment on marketing. The service encounter took place at Bé casse Restaurant during evening hours in Sydney, Australia. It was in person since; I encountered the service personnel of the restaurant directly. Thus, in the encounter, I communicated directly with the waiter in the restaurant. What specific circumstances led up to this encounter? It was a warm evening in January and thus with the heat, I decided to drop by a restaurant to get some food to eat and a glass of cold juice.

Visiting the restaurant was also triggered by the fact that I had just been transferred to work in Sydney by my employers. Thus being new around the area, I was not well acquainted with the restaurants. Therefore, I decided to enter the first restaurant that I came across. And so, the first restaurant being Bé casse, I decided to have my meal there. The restaurant appeared classy and well furnished and thus, my expectations were that the services would be similar.

The place was also clean and thus, it raised my expectations about the food too. How would you rate your level of satisfaction with the encounter? What exactly made you feel that way? I would say that I had been delighted with the service encounter at Bé casse Restaurant. This is because; being a new customer in the area, I was well treated and the staff made sure that I was comfortable in their restaurant. I noticed that the front line staff were greeting all their customers with so much respect and care while welcoming them to the restaurant.

The staff that served me communicated clearly and were patient enough to wait for me to decide the food I was going to eat. In addition, the services were also prompt and quick. This made me be delighted with Bé casse’ s services since; no customer would be left to sit for long before the food is served to him or her. I can also attest to the fact that my expectations in the restaurant were met. This is because; the treatment from the staff was fair and equal to all the customers who were visiting the restaurant that evening.

This is contrary to other restaurants where some individuals are usually treated differently from others due to their financial status. What can the firm do to increase the level of satisfaction? To increase the level of satisfaction of customers, the restaurant can ensure that there is some background music to entertain customers while they are having their food. Other improvements that can be made in this service system include; diversification of the foods in order to ensure variety (Hoffman & Bateson,   2003).

This is because; sometimes the service may appear to be slow yet, it might be the customer taking long to decide the meal to take from the available choices. On the other hand, a customer may be taking a long time to choose the meal to take because; the choices may have become monotonous to him or her and thus; he or she may be looking for new and different meals to take. Therefore; diversification of the meals will also lead to the improvement of service provision in the restaurant.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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