Essays on The Service Marketing Plan of SPCA Case Study

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The paper "The Service Marketing Plan of SPCA" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing. SPCA is a charity organization that started in Hong Kong in the year 1903 as RSPCAHK but became active in 1921. Its purpose is to enhance animal welfare and not only in that region but in entire China. (Orwell, 2005, p. 67). The organization is not a governmental organization therefore; it operates under elected committee members. Its operation funds are attained from public donations, fund-raising, membership money, etc. as animal welfare organizations in Hong Kong (Orwell, 2005).

Its main objective is to promote kindness to animals and prevent them from cruelty. In 1922 the first fund-raising was held to promote the growth of the organization and after in 1934, they opened a new dog’ s home which was enlarged from the previous one (Silverman, 1992). After World War II, an office was also constructed in Central with funds from Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club and in 1967 three years after office construction animal clinic opened which was also funded by the same club (Silverman, 1992).

The society was recognized as RSPCAHK, from 1983 the organization kept growing, more clinics were opened until 1999 when they started the redevelopment of the Kowloon Centre, and it was completed in 2001. Here the principles of SPCA were set out (Silverman, 1992). Vision It is to ensure that all the sick pets (puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats) in the states are well taken care of in terms of getting the right medication and being given the right meals, they need (Silverman, 1992). To make sure that they are readily available for response in case of any emergency arises in the state.

This is done by responding immediately in case of seriously sick, injured or diseased animals (Orwell, 2005). They collect unwanted animals through request. To create home for the unwanted animals and strays through accepting them and making temporary kennels for shelter as they build permanent ones with time (Orwell, 2005). They take complete care of the adopted animals unlike those, which have homes, and they are there because their owners are not within (Orwell, 2005). Animal ambulances are provided to pet owners willing to take their pets to a veterinary clinic and veterinary services are carried on twice in a week to treat outpatient animals and those in kennels (Silverman, 1992). They handle cases concerning animal cruelty in the public. They give public education through individuals, organizations, and schools on the importance of taking care of their animals (Orwell, 2005). Mission It is to endorse kindness to animals, to defend them and care for their health and welfare, to enhance respect for life in the society and finally, prevent them from cruelty (Orwell, 2005). Marketing analysis Situation Analysis- When a caring pet owner wants to travel, the only best place to leave it is in SPCA organization where it is taken care of until the owner picks it (Silverman, 1992).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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