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Essays on One Autos-Luxus - Mission, Hierarchy of Strategies of the Business, Definition of the Industry in Which the Business Will Compete Case Study

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The paper “ One Autos-Luxus - Mission, Hierarchy of Strategies of the Business, Definition of the Industry in Which the Business Will Compete" is an affecting example of a case study on marketing. This paper is divided into three main sections including introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction gives a brief background on a business idea, identifies what kind of industry it is in and mentions a sample product that the business can produce. In this same section, the paper develops a mission statement for the business and outlines what each section of the mission statement entails. In the body part of the essay, a discussion is carried out to determine the relevance of the mission statement, SMART objectives, and the hierarchy of strategies respectively.

These factors are discussed in regard to market strategic plan processes. Further, into the body of the document, various factors including but not limited to market mixes, the relevance of segmentation, targeting, products, pricing, and distribution strategies are discussed in addition to macro/ microelements that affect a business operation. In conclusion, the paper deduces from the analysis in the body and states that proper planning and marketing strategies are essential for the operation of a business.

For a business to completely succeed, it needs to have clear and specific objectives that are attainable and measurable, associated with every stakeholder or shareholder in the business and enable equitable deployment of resources. Above all, marketing strategy is meant to gain a competitive advantage over competitors in order to enjoy fair dominance. The Strategic Marketing Plan Selection of Product, or Service or Business IdeaAutos-Luxus Group is an automobile company that deals on automobiles that are classy and luxurious, mainly focused on the delight of customers, and particularly focused on technological innovation, positive customer experience, and organizational responsibility.

The company has just launched its new innovation by name Sporty-Wegamp Auto-Luxus, an off-road vehicle with updated technology, luxurious, non-guzzler, sporty, wonderful features meant for the middle-class earners of the current generation. It is cheaper than the older vehicle designs, consumes less fuel, electrically powered and good for heavy-duty jobs and sport races. Mission StatementThe mission statement of Autos-Luxus Group: ONE AUTOS-LUXUS MISSION: ‘ United Team, a Single Plan, One Objective’ UNITED TEAMIndividuals working cooperatively as a lean, international business for automotive leadership in the automotive industry, as measured by; Customer, Union/Council, Investor, Employee, Dealer, Community satisfaction, Supplier A SINGLE PLAN Finance our plan and advance our balance sheet Work together effectively and efficiently as one team Step up the development of new commodities our clients want and consider worthy (value) Uncompromisingly restructure to function profitably at the present demand and varying model mix ONE OBJECTIVEAn exciting viable Autos-Lexus delivering profitable growth for all BodyDiscussion of the Mission StatementFor the mission to be considered as well developed or relevant, it must be able to offer various potential benefits which are inclusive of giving direction, focus, policy, challenge, meaning, and passion (Adapa, 2013; Alavi & Karami, 2009).

Both direction and focus statements indicate what the business does and what it wants its success to be and a concentration on the company’ s strengths and competitive advantages in addition to describing how it wants to achieve them respectively (Adapa, 2013). On the other hand, policy acts as a guideline of what a company finds morally acceptable and unacceptable and states what the values of the organization are, while meaning indicates what an organization works tirelessly to achieve and why they would want to do so (Khalifa, 2011).

Finally, challenge and passion involve formulating the objectives and measurements of achievement for organizational staff and making each person participating in any aspect in the organization show feelings of commitment, enthusiasm, and pride (Alavi & Karami, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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