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The paper "The Strategic Marketing Plan of Autos-Luxus Group" is an amazing example of coursework on marketing. The Company in question by name Autos-Luxus Group is an automobile company that deals in the manufacture of classy and luxurious automobiles that are aimed at making the customers delighted. They mainly focus on technological innovation and ensure that their manufactured products bring forth a positive customer experience and responsibility within the organizational management. Within the context of this essay, one of the current innovations of the company by name Sporty-Wegamp Auto-Luxus is given close consideration.

The innovation is an off-road vehicle, which has up to date technology, does not guzzle fuel, sporty, luxurious and has wonderful features. What makes the innovation more attractive is that it is affordable to the middle-income earners of most populations in different countries, cheaper, consumes less fuel, is powered by electricity, and very convenient when used in heavy-duty jobs, in addition to racing as a sporting activity. The Relevance of a Pioneer or a Follower Strategy in Regard to the Strategic Market Programs of Autos-Luxus Group Company Autos-Luxus Group Company’ s new product Sporty-Wegamp Auto-Luxus falls into four main categories of new products namely; new product line, additions to existing product lines, improvements in or revision of existing products, and cost reduction product.

It is a new product line in that the perception of an electrically powered vehicle is new to the company, however much it may not be a first time for customers to see such a product, that is, the aspect of an electrically powered vehicle is not new to customers (Lowe & Alpert, 2010a). In a similar manner, it is an addition to the existing product lines of the company because Autos-Luxus Group Company is an established company that produces automobiles, therefore Sporty-Wegamp Auto-Luxus is a supplement to the already existing product lines of the company (Lowe & Alpert, 2010a). On the other hand, Sporty-Wegamp Auto-Luxus can be categorised as an improvement in or revisions of the existing products and a cost reduction product because it will provide a greater supposed value or display an improved performance to replace the already existing products and offer a similar performance as other products in the market at a lower cost than them respectively (Arnold & Quelch, 2012).

These four categories of new products therefore make Autos-Luxus’ new product Sporty-Wegamp Auto-Luxus have the capability of existing as a pioneer product in regard to being an electric powered automobile and similarly a follower product by virtue of an automobile like any other vehicle that has ever been produced by companies that compete with it that include, but not limited to, Volkswagen, BMW and Toyota, amongst others. As such, it has to employ both pioneer strategies and follower strategies in the marketing and sale of its new product Sporty-Wegamp Auto-Luxus.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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