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The paper "The Strategic Plan of Morrisons" is an outstanding example of business coursework. Morrisons is a UK-based multi retail brand which has a chain of supermarkets and they have been in operation for a long time. They are one of the oldest players in the market. Having said that, they have recently been facing a lot of competition. This report will look into the strategic plan of Morrisons and also look at the marketing environment will the help of the various marketing tools. Once the environment has been discussed, we will be discussing the strategy that can help bring back Morrisons to becoming the largest market player in the UK market. Supermarket Industry in the UKBefore starting with the business strategy discussion, let us first look into the competition and the market industry at large.

It is important to realize the current scenario because, based on this understanding, we will comment upon Morrisons' business strategy. According to the research conducted by IGD, for as long as ten years, the general UK grocery market has been expanding steadily. The aggregate grocery market had developed from £ 104 billion in 2003 to £ 154 billion in 2013.

On the other hand, in the late years, the UK grocery market has confronted more vulnerabilities, such as budgetary emergencies, high unemployment, tight family unit plans, etc. Even though the UK grocery market couldn't totally dispose of these instabilities' effects, it still has gained a sensible growth rate. The grocery market was worth £ 154 billion for 2013, an increment of 5% in 2012.Nourishment and grocery use represents 0.64 pence in every £ 1 of retail using. 34 p in every £ 1 used on sustenance & grocery is used in accommodation stores.

Hypermarket, supermarkets & superstore is the biggest part among all the 4 divisions, and in 2013 represented 84% of the aggregate grocery deals. Accommodation retail is the second biggest segment, and in 2013 represented around 32% of the aggregate grocery deals.


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