Essays on Employee Motivation at Skyscanner Essay

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The paper "Employee Motivation at Skyscanner" is an excellent example of an essay on human resources. During the recent Sunday Times 100 Best Companies list that was published on 2nd March 2014, Skyscanner was listed as the sixth-best organization that people would like to work for (Scottish Equity Partners 2014). In effect, this implies that the company has put in place an effective structure that focuses on placing a value on its people while concentrating on their learning and development with an aim of recruiting and maintaining top talent that steers the company to prosperity. According to various motivational theories and their application in the workplace, an organization should motivate its employees with the aim of retaining them within the business organization.

Using the expectancy theory of motivation, Wood et al. (2010) noted the intervention that managers could use following the components of the theory in order to identify the needs of an employee and process them in a manner that the company benefitted from the individual employee. This is exemplified by the Skyscanner’ s focus on the learning and development of its employees in order to improve their competencies and ensure that they worked towards the success of the company. The components of the expectancy theory of motivation are expectancy, instrumentality, and valence (Wood et al.

2010). In relationship to Skyscanner, the company’ s program on developing its employees uses the expectancy theory of motivation to pick and train employees consistent with the goals that the company wants the individual employee to achieve in their execution of tasks. On the other hand, the company uses the component of instrumentality to establish strong performance possibilities after achieving its goals in order to increase the possibility of a positive outcome.

Lastly, the company uses the component of valence to identify the needs of the individual employee with a view of achieving a desirable outcome when handling their duties.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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