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The paper "Development of an Ethics Program" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The ethics committee will involve the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, journalist’ s representatives and community representatives. They will be the ones involved in the ethics committee because they represent the major media services of Aljazeera as well as other stakeholders within the media services industry. How will members be selected for this committee and what will be the length of term for members on the committee? Members of this committee will be selected according to their qualifications and service to the Aljazeera media.

The length of term for the committee members will be one year of committed service. How will you ensure that your committee always has experienced members? What is the role of your committee? To ensure that the committee always has experienced members, checking their education levels and experience will be necessary. This will help in matching positions with education and experience needs. What are the ongoing activities of your committee? The ongoing activities of the committee include; training employees at all levels about the code of ethics, communicating effectively to everyone in the organisation about the code of ethics, monitoring and reporting the accountability of all within the organisation, assessment of the company reports, overseeing ethical due diligence when the company is undertaking a new project and liaison with stakeholders concerning ethical issues. Based on the questions above, provide information about the Ethics Committee you will set-up. Media Ethics Committee Information for Public and Staff Most of the media companies are now required to have ethics committees that have different ethical functions within the organisation. What will the ethics committee do? The ethics committee will provide the public as well as journalists with ethics consultation service, develop and revise policies that pertain to media ethics and journalism policy.

It will also facilitate ethical education about topical issues in media ethics. Goals of the Ethics Committee The ethics committee at Aljazeera aims at promoting the rights of journalists and the public and controlling information published in the media.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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