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The paper “ Practice of Management in Coles” is a forceful example of the case study on management. Success in any business organization is to a great extent determined by the degree to which the organization’ s management embraces and practices the various concepts associated with the prime functions of management. For a business to be considered a market leader, it has to keep abreast with the dynamics in all areas affecting business such as changes in technology, current trends in personnel management, economic policies and so on. Internationally, in the recent past, there have been substantial intellectual and structural modifications in the place of work (Singla, 2010, pp. 74).

These transformations that have taken place in the work process have been complicated and diverse. Some common trends can be recognized with regard to a neo non-interventionist Australian workplace setting. This essay seeks to analyze the various concepts of management with specific reference to Coles which is a leading business firm in the country. One of the key concepts in the contemporary place of work is globalization. Globalization has been defined as the process of widening the network and inter-reliance of world markets and trading concerns.

This process has been most prominent in the last two decades (Rajpal et al, 1996, pp. 26). Coles, an Australian company that runs a chain of supermarkets is gradually appreciating the concept of going global. The company imports its stock from countries across the world. Since Coles began embracing the concept of globalization, it has gained the advantages of economies of scale hence enjoying a big market share (Schermerhorn, 2011, pp. 99). It is the second largest organization in the business of retail trading after Woolworths.

Coles enjoys a market share of 35% and is second to Woolworths that enjoys a market share of 40%. The concept of diversity is one of the most prominent trends in the contemporary workplace. Diversity in business organizations deals with prejudices and discrimination at along various lines. The concept of diversity entails equal opportunity as far as employment and human resource management is concerned.


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