Essays on The Role of Individuals at the Workplace Assignment

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The paper "The Role of Individuals at the Workplace " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Over the years several scholars have attempted to look at various perspectives that personality and emotion have on individuals in general life and even in their places of work. Some leaned towards personality traits and how they affect the effectiveness of an individual while others look into factors such as attitude and competency. Whichever the case, there is no doubt that workers have various factors that motivate or generally affect their productivity at the workplace. Task 1: A literature review The role of individuals in the workplace is to bring about a number of differences in performing their tasks.

Since these individuals primarily have different backgrounds they will have a variety of personalities, values, and attitudes before they join an organization and even during their stay at the organization. Scholars have looked into the personality to consist of a person’ s possession and control of what may be referred to as constant feelings, thoughts, and changes in behavior that can be attributed to them.

The long-ranging agreement concerning personality has been that an individual possesses unique attributes that make the individual; stand out from other people. Further, it has been observed that and understanding an individual’ s personality is an integral part of the process of making observations on how the individual may respond under various circumstances and in given situations. This process is particularly important to managers at the workplace given that they would be dealing with people brought out from different backgrounds and therefore it is important to know how to handle each one of them with minimal conflict. Modern literature looking into this subject further brings out the implication that understanding the knowledge of individuals’ personalities may assist in allocating the right tasks to the most suitable persons.

This way the individual may cultivate the right attitude and may also bring out the best competencies necessary for handling the said task.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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