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Personality Analysis ReportOver the years several scholars have attempted to look at various perspectives that personality and emotion have on individuals in general life and even in their places of work. Some leant towards personality traits and how they affect the effectiveness of an individual while others look into the factors such as attitude and competency. Whichever the case, there is no doubt that workers have various factors that motivate or generally affect their productivity at the work place. Task 1: Literature reviewThe role of individuals at the workplace is to bring about a number of differences in performing their tasks.

Since these individuals primarily have different backgrounds they will have a variety of personalities, values, and attitudes before they join an organization and even during their stay at the organization. Scholars have looked into personality to consist of as a person’s possession and control of what may be referred to as constant feelings, thoughts, and changes in behavior that can be attributed to them. The long ranging agreement concerning personality has been that individual posses unique attributes that makes the individual; stand out from other people.

Further, it has been observed that and understanding an individual’s personality is an integral part in the process of making observations on how the individual may respond under various circumstances and in given situations. This process is particularly important to managers at the work place given that they would be dealing with people brought out from different backgrounds and therefore it is important to know how to handle each one of them with minimal conflict. Modern literature looking into this subject further brings out the implication that understanding the knowledge of individuals’ personalities may assist in allocating the right tasks to the most suitable persons.

This way the individual may cultivate the right attitude and may also bring out the best competencies necessary for handling the said task. From this perspective the argument brought about by some researchers who state that results posted by various individuals may be dependent on and determined by stable or transient characteristics that affect their behaviors and performance. It must be understood that organizations bring in people to work for them with the believe that they poses some knowledge skills, abilities, that they must use in contributing to the overall objectives of the organization. By and large all personalities will affect the workplace in general.

The debate would probably be more edged towards how or to what extent the personality affects the work place. For instance people with a creative mind or personality would use the work place as a place to experiment thereby brining in new ideas while endeavoring to create solutions through artistic elements of their experiment. Similarly, individuals with a somewhat compassionate personality may choose to work in a environment where they are able to serve humanity while persons with Task 2: Analyzing Personal Effectiveness. It is not always easy to measure the extent to which an individual is effective especially when this analysis is expected to be conducted by and on oneself.

In analyzing my own effectiveness in the workplace, I would use a number of parameters that may reflect own personal key competences. In using what is referred to as the Multidimensional Self Concept Scale, I would measure my own performance under categories that include social, affect, competence, academic, family, and physical well-being.

Notably, all these attributes are important while looking at personal performance at the work place. From a social perspective, I may confidently refer to myself as a relatively sociable person who is able to interact with colleagues under various circumstances and as every situation may demand. Looking around my work place, I would say that at approximately every one is a friend. I may cite for instance that was my own wedding. In this occasion, I got overwhelming support from my colleagues, most of which was genuinely expressed as they ran errands on my behalf to ensure that everything took place and goes down as planned.

This particular incident got me to look at things from a different perspective. Besides, the collective presents I got from colleagues, I received several presents from individuals with whom I work. To some extent this can be used as a measure of how well one is able to use their personality to influence their sociability within the work place.

Mine can be termed as positive.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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