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The paper "The Toys and Games Industry" is an outstanding example of a business essay.   The toys and gaming industry for a long time has been an ignored sector of the economy. Investors rarely thought of the industry as a viable business project, rather it was considered a pushover while evaluating other sectors like farming and education for instance. However, as the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Recent statistics have been evidence to the fact that the toy and gaming industry is considered as a potential moneymaker for interested financiers.

The sector has undergone a major revitalization from late 20th century majorly boosted by the great advancement in technology (Chris, 2010, 3). Toys and gaming go hand in hand with the level of technology. For this reason, the recent discoveries and innovations in technology have resulted in a new lifeline for the toys and gaming industry. More to that, the opening up of markets thanks to liberalization and globalization has seen huge strides being made to enter new markets. Products made in Japan for instance have seen their way to countries in Europe and those in Africa.

Probably motivated by the lack of key players to dominate the market, the toys and gaming industry has seen a great increase in interested players in the market, each potential manufacturer seeking to establish a name and satisfy the niche in the provision of gaming products. The fact that toys and games are universal products makes the commodity and another kid in London would play easy target for globalization as a game played by a kid in Dubai for instance (White, 2011, 1).

It is therefore really an object not influenced by subjectivity rather sales will be affected by the strategies employed in sales and marketingThesisNow this paper will attempt to address the growing industry of toys and gaming as regards globalization. The focus will be given to the issues arising in the industry because of globalization and industrialization. Unambiguous points will be highlighted in the recommended form of parental control to handle children involved in the toys and games. The general mood of the public will also be described following the revamped area of the economy.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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