Essays on The Trends Shaping Work and Working Lives Assignment

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The paper 'The Trends Shaping Work and Working Lives' is a great example of a Management Assignment. I have learned that globalization itself is a dynamic and continuous process that has facilitated trade between countries and defines individuals’ economic behavior at the international level. There are many studies about Globalisation; therefore, it became easier for me to analyze it from different aspects. However, it was challenging to determine how Still, I determined that globalization is the most effective way through which developing countries could realize far-reaching development since it is the only way of main these countries to progress economically.

I have also been able to present arguments for and against Globalisation in terms of political influences, technological developments, economic processes, health systems, and so forth. Next time I would try to determine how Globalisation promotes free trade amongst the countries considering that there are negative consequences associated with it, especially in countries trying to save their national markets. This assignment has enabled me to understand some important factors associated with Globalisation, such as the globalized marketplace, which I can take into consideration in the future when I start a business.

This assignment has offered me the ability to discern opportunities brought forth by Globalisation in the business world. I have identifies the need to develop my abstract thinking so as to be able to think about ideas and principles that are not present physically. The experience will enable me to overcome mobility barriers in the future since processes of globalization make it possible for a person to look for a job or start a business in any country across the globe. From this assignment, I have learned that PESTLE analysis can enable companies to identify different external factors that could influence the business.

It enables managers to examine the risks that could influence business operations. On the other hand, SWOT analysis enables managers to find new opportunities and examine possible threats. The use of online articles and e-books allowed me to handle the task without problems, but the available evidence is very little; thus, creating a need for further research.


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