Essays on Womens Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

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The paper "Women’ s Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia" is a good example of a business research proposal. The participation of women in business in the less developed countries is an area that has received little or limited research. However, it is evident that there is less involvement of women in entrepreneurial ventures in these regions than in developed countries. This can be attributed to a number of factors, ranging from government policies to cultural barriers. Saudi Arabia has been one of those conservative nations that have been very slow in helping to promote entrepreneurship among women.

It is a place where deep cultural and religious barriers have immensely contributed to a lag in the participation of women. However, several factors are contributing to change in this culture, and there is hope that there will be more women participating in the business. Aims The aim of this project is to acquire and analyse information on Women’ s entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. Once the information is acquired, it is analysed with the intention of finding out the development of women entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. Also, the project aims to find out the role of the government in promoting entrepreneurship, as well as other factors promoting the same such as technology. Research Questions What is Entrepreneurship? How does women entrepreneurship add value to the women in business, society and themselves? How do the businesswomen in Saudi Arabia start, manage and grow their business? What are the problems faced by women in Saudi Arabia when starting and running their own businesses? What is the role of e-government and another process to make establishing the business easy? Overview Saudi Arabia is a Middle East country whose culture is very much intertwined with religious practices of the Islamic religion.

For many years, many policies that were carried out were deemed to be discriminatory to women, and the role of women has been strictly confined to motherhood and other maternal duties. However, many women have started to rise and participate actively in business, although there are numerous challenges that they face. This project seeks to examine in depth the participation of women in business in Saudi Arabia, identifying the various hindrances and obstacles that inhibit the participation of women in entrepreneurial ventures. Literature review Entrepreneurship is a term that is associated with organizing business ventures and taking risks.

It is a factor of production alongside land, capital, labour and natural resources, and it plays a vital part in the production process, and, in fact, effective production is only possible when there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit. An entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by various attributes such as risk-taking and innovation. Entrepreneurship is a key factor in the growth and development of a nation since it enables the populace to be productive and succeed in a global environment. Culture and traditions are unique and distinct in every society.

They determine a range of issues to do with lifestyle and activities that an individual or a group of people undertake. Culture refers to shared patterns of behaviour and interactions, cognitive constructs and effective understandings that are acquired gradually in the process of socialization. The implication here is that culture determines who we are as well as the approach to life that a person has. Culture will, therefore, influence the entrepreneurial spirit that is present in a given group of people.

It also defines the gender roles and perception; hence people will practice various activities based on their culture. On this regard, there is an obvious disparity between the participation of men and women in entrepreneurship based on their gender (Marković, 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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