Essays on The Use of Interactive and Internet Marketing in Companies Term Paper

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The paper "The Use of Interactive and Internet Marketing in Companies" is a great example of a term paper on marketing. Internet marketing is used in both companies to company product and services marketing and company to consumer marketing. CQUnibookshop is an example of a B2B website that is used in marketing various types of stationery to bookshop owners (CQUniBOOKSHOP. 2010). This website markets stationery to various shops with the stationeries being delivered to different bookshops all over the world. The Zodiac website, on the other hand, is a B2C website that is used to market shirts for the Zodiac Company to the final consumers (Zodiac Clothing limited. 2010).

Internet marketing involves the selling of products through the internet (Jhanvi O. 2011). Internet marketing is essential for the success of any form of business. In the recent past, most businesses have adopted internet marketing in order to reach a larger number of clients. Internet marketing has had a lot of impact on the way companies work because they help companies to reach a greater number of people at the same time (Rhind G.

2003, pp 65). In addition, companies can now post detailed information about their operation and this enables the companies to pass information to people in a faster way. The internet has led to faster interactions between companies and their clients. The use of internet marketing leads to the combination of both technological and creative aspects of the internet which include advertising, development, design and sales promotion (Jhanvi O. 2011). Internet marketing allows a business to achieve customer engagement. Many companies have websites that allow them to conduct their product marketing.

Such websites include business to the business website, business to consumer marketing and many others. Internet market is a crucial topic that helps people to understand the impact of the internet on company marketing. In order to create an understanding of this topic, this research will analyze two websites that are used by companies for their internet marketing. The paper will try to analyze the similarities and differences between B2B and B2C. Internet marketing is an important topic that helps people to understand the importance of the internet in the marketing of a company’ s products.

In addition, this is interesting because it will expose readers to the various internet marketing used by different companies and their effectiveness. It will also help to find out the importance of internet marketing to the success of businesses and how to adopt it. There are various websites that are used by different companies for internet marketing. Internet marketing dates back to the 1960s and was first used by the American government together with some private business groups to come up with efficient marketing computer networks (Rowley, J, 2008, 523).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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