Essays on The Use of the Marketing Theory for the Development of Albury Center as Prestigious Tourist Attraction Site Case Study

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The paper “ The Use of the Marketing Theory for the Development of Albury Center as Prestigious Tourist Attraction Site" is a  thrilling example of a case study on marketing. Albury has one of the largest inland populations in Australia having over 90,000 persons inhabiting the districts that are statistically recognized districts. The tourist attraction area is located along the Hume Highway which is a major inland corridor that joins it with Sydney and Melbourne. the center boasts of manmade tourist attractions which include the Ettamogah pub and sanctuary, the lake Hume Trout farm and the Frog Hollow Tourist Attraction as well as the natural attraction sites which include the Australian Alps and the Lake Hume.

The center also provides its visitors with sightseeing and visits to the historic towns of Yackandandah and Beechworth. The clubs are prestigious and well marketed to attract visitors from all around the world in addition to its local tourists (Blumberg 2005). It is estimated that through its vigorous marketing a total of 0.9 million domestic tourists visited the center in the year 2005. The average night spent at the center was 2.8 nights with a spending of $53 per night.

The center can be accessed by land and air as well as connections via the ocean. It is divided into two regions namely the Sunshine Coast and the Murray region. The tourism visitations on the Southern coast are approximately more than that of the Murray Region. The regions offer unique blends of lively entertainment and cosmopolitan shopping in addition to the natural attraction sites that are invigorating. The regions are also known for their hardcore game events which include rock climbing, hockey carnival and athletics (Blumberg 2005). The center has benefited from the support of the Albury city that provides funding for the development and growth of tourism through external organizations.

The center relies heavily on the provision of information services to the visitors as a way of promoting the site. This has been done in collaboration with the Wodonga City and other councils within the region. Much of its advertisement and marketing targets the domestic tourists with a minimum target to the external potential tourists. The marketing of the site witnessed the opening of the Albury Visitor information center and the production of a new logo that comprised of creative elements that are aimed at supporting the marketing efforts.

In addition, the center launched a website (www. visitALBURYWADONGA. com) to help in the marketing promotion. Situational analysisIn order for the center to meet its mission of increasing the contribution of tourism to the development of growth of the Albury economy, the center and it is vital for the center to conduct a SWOT analysis that is based on the marketing theory.

The SWOT analysis will be based on the strategic objectives which hare the outcomes that the center has anticipated. The center will be able to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The center will also be able to have an analysis of its competition and identify the target markets that have not been exploited. By so doing, the center will be able to identify the adequate mode through which the target market can be segmented for the purpose of attracting them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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