Essays on The Validity of an Argument from Supercapitalism by Robert Reich Book Report/Review

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The paper “ The Validity of an Argument from Supercapitalism by Robert Reich” is an intriguing example of a business book review. "Corporate social responsibility is a largely meaningless slogan. This is because, in a world of intense competition, corporations cannot afford to be environmentally or socially responsible". This paper investigates the validity of this argument that is dealt with within Robert Reith's book, Supercapitalism (2007). Reith's view is that due to competition, there is the escalating role of money within the political system. These funds are being “ contributed” by large business corporations to the politicians.

This means that corporations are making use of their funds to finance politicians which is not anymore benefitting the society but only a chosen few. This is way far from being a business entity that is socially responsible. The Reasons of Reich for His Opinion According to Reith, the number of registered lobbyists swelled. This coincided with the increase in the funds that are allocated on lobbying (p. 134). Politicians have become dependent on the money pouring in by business entities (p. 135). Bureaucrats became corporate lobbyists. This is happening the moment they stepped down from government service (p.

139). Big money and big government are resulting in the increasing number of people willing to shell out big funds in order to manipulate the government (p. 140). One more assumption on the intensification of the outpour of corporate funds for, as opined by Reich, is the scheme to take over the mechanism of government. It will also co-opt political parties, according to Reich (p. 141). The incongruities at the Congress are usually clashes among competing industries, sectors, or business entities (p.

142). That is, when one competitor disburses for access, its rival likewise pays. This is happening because these competing businesses counter the influence of the other (p. 143). The money shelled out for politics, according to Reich, is giving out by business entities in the semblance of donations. Money is a derivative of the main characteristic of supercapitalism. This supercapitalism has shown the way to its financial victory, as opined by Reith. It is intensifying competition among these business entities for investors and customers.


Reich, Robert. B. 2007. Democracy Overwhelmed. Chapter 4. Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life. Knopf Doubleday Publishing. pp. 131-167.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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