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The paper “ Personal Futuring - a Step-by-Step Guide” is an intriguing example of the personal statement on management. I am the oldest of seven siblings in a tightly knit family coming from a small town in the country. I have seen a hard time growing up, with compromises and sacrifices characterizing much of my early days. I also have had the need to be the grown-up in the family more often than not shoulder responsibility that other kids my age never had to. This kind of background has made me a responsible human being, much too worried about everything that is happening around me.

I am also a natural caretaker, which means that very often I do not assign enough time and effort to assume responsibility for the welfare of my future. I have over the years taken action toward the fulfillment of my career goals. At present, I occupy a managerial position with Aramco Saudi. As the main goal for me in the future that took me a long time to prepare is preparing myself for the domain that I've been many years to enroll in which is to part of the ARAMCO organization (Saudi Oil Company). Life Stage: Life, according to Wheelwright (2006) could be thought of as being in existence in a straight line, which is divisible into segments or 10 stages.

For her, these 10 stages offer an orderly overview of life that includes 10 images, each based on what we know about any life stage. The idea is that tools such as this should be able for the visualization of stages of life that lie ahead or that lies ahead for family members and friends.

According to the auto, the basic stages in life could be identified as infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, adulthood, middle age, Independent elder, vulnerable elder, dependant elder, and the end of life itself. At present, in life, I occupy the stage of young adulthood which exists for those in the life group between 20 and 29 years of age. According to Wheelwright (23), the stage of life is defined as “ completing education and beginning career and family. I have a history of having to cope with potential coping and financial pressures.

The idea in my case is that I am an educated professional at present looking to make it big in the profession of my choice in the near future” .



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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