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The paper "The Management of the Waitrose Company" is a great example of an essay on management. Waitrose has grown to emerge as one of the greatest household names in England, Scotland and Wales years after its establishment. The series of stores have a history dating back to 1904 where the partnership of Arthur Rose, Wallace Waite, and David Taylor saw the establishment of a grocery shop in London. However, two years later, David Taylor disengaged from the business and thus the name Waitrose was adopted from the remaining investors. By 1937, the company had 10 branches and employed 160 employees before the john Lewis Partnership took over its operations (Randall and Seth 2011).

The company established its first thrift shop in 1955 and expanded its operations across London and into England in the following years. Presently, Waitrose supermarket has over 280 branches across the United Kingdom and commands a significant market share (Waitrose 2013). This has seen it become among the top ten grocery retailers in the UK that prides itself in providing offering quality, value and customer service (Ergonomic solutions p. 1). Waitrose premises are located in towns and community areas where residents are most likely to benefit more and the business holds the potential to expand.

The management takes interest in local needs as well as the gaps within the retail market when choosing a viable location. It is then that the development team moves in to purchase development sites or existing buildings, which is dependent on the anticipated sales and profit margins. Waitrose strives to replicate its design in all stores while complementing the local area, which involves taking into account the views of the locals when developing their proposal.

Waitrose stores are designed to fit into high streets and market town locations through innovative designs that provide a comprehensive food and drink offer on sites, which are often smaller than those of the competitors (Uren n. d., p.18). Being a grocery store, Waitrose specializes in foodstuffs where the chain prides itself in the retail distribution of high-class products. This is facilitated through joint ventures with farms and dairies that specialize in the production of various agricultural and dairy produce. Similarly, the chain enterprise strives to ensure that the integrity and quality of their products are not compromised by establishing relations with its suppliers.

In addition, the chain of supermarkets engages its customers on the products that shoppers would like offered, which is a sharp contrast of most convenience stores. Waitrose stores offer dairy products, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, bacon, sausages, wines, and honey, most of which are sourced from British farmers (John Lewis Partnership n. d.). Waitrose television is an online video channel that offers cooking guides, recipes, interviews and cooking tips from food experts (Red Bee Media n. d., p.1).

This is among its distinct features that not only boost its sales but also engages its customers in improving their kitchen experience. Moreover, Waitrose offers online shopping and home deliveries for its customers, which provides convenient shopping experiences. Waitrose has enjoyed relative success over the years, which has been fuelled by the introduction of new products and shopping experience. Per Lawson, Waitrose management has seeking to expand its stores following increased sales owing to online orders. The management also intends to improve its market share from the current 4.5% to 10%(Lawson 2012).

As such, the company projects higher future earnings that translate to more benefits to the community in terms of employment and quality services.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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