Essays on The Work-Family Interface in Google Corporation Assignment

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The paper "The Work-Family Interface in Google Corporation" is a good example of an assignment on human resources. One of the employers that I am thinking about working for is Google Corporation that is committed to ensuring high employee satisfaction through a work-life balance. The mission of the company is to organize the world’ s information and ensure universal access and usefulness. The company offers diverse products such as Gmail, Google search engine, Google scholar products, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Google Earth and maps, Google translate, mobile products and discussion groups (Google, 2014).

I am interested in working for Google since I believe the company is dynamic, innovative, and appreciates cultural diversity in its employment policies. I believe the company is capable of offering a good work-life balance in its employment policies.                       According to the Google Corporation website, the company has done a good job of communicating its work-life balance philosophy. The website outlines that Fortune magazine named Google the best company to work for in 2014 due to the high contribution that the employees make to the communities (Google, 2014). The website highlights the employee benefits that contribute to work-life balance such as family care benefits and onsite amenities, the physical fitness facilities such as onsite medical facilities and health care policies for the employee and family (Google, 2014).

Other programs that are listed on the website as benefits that contribute to work-life balance include travel insurance and emergency assistance, more time with babies, reimbursement of fees on college and degree program study and legal advice and legal aid (Google, 2014). The company has a retirement plan and employee share ownership plans and provides benefits to same-sex partners under the Transgender ‘ gold standard’ that provides more health care coverage to same-sex employees in the US.

Google has implemented a family leave policy and maternity leave (Google, 2014). Part 2                       Google Corporation is a company that I would like to work for due to the work-life balance policies in their employment and benefits policies. The company caters to the family needs of employees through the onsite health care facilities, fitness facilities and childcare facilities (Google, 2014). Mothers do not have to worry since they are entitled to maternity leave, time off to spend with their babies, more spending cash to welcome their new bundle of joy and health insurance for their child.

I will be entitled to family leave in order to attend to my child and retirement benefit contributions will enable me to cater to my living expenses during my old age. Furthermore, the company has offered relaxation amenities such as onsite fitness gym, cycling bicycles, buses, and travel insurance thus reducing job-related stress (Google, 2014). In this case, I can go to work with my baby since there are child daycare centers.

The company offers legal aid to employees who may be facing court proceedings and has inclusive health care that covers transgender employees (Google, 2014).                       After Google Corporation may be offering flexible work options, I would like the company to implement more policies that can enable employees to work from the comfort of their homes or choose their preferred working hours. It is true that Google has no close supervision, but it is essential for the companies to encourage employees to take unpaid leave for holidays, unpaid career breaks, and voluntary reduced working hours so that they can attend to personal and family matters.

The company must implement community service leaves, parental leaves for adoptive parents. Although there are onsite health facilities that have doctors and nurses, the company must offer off-site counseling facilities and seminars on nutrition, stress and smoking cessation that will cater to the employees’ immediate family members.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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