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The paper "Workplace Now and in Future" is a perfect example of management coursework.   The aim of this essay is to explore the environment, daily activities, technologies that affect present and future work of tours and travel manager. An interview with the branch manager of one other famous tours and travel companies in Australia was conducted and the results are shown below. Later the future work environment of the employee was considered and discussed based on changes in technology, impacts of this technology, and energy resources in workplace, society, longevity, demography and globalization. Part 1: Informational interview The following discussion was derived from a face-to-face informational interview on technological changes in the workplace environment administered by the researcher on the branch manager of a leading tour and travel company in Australia.

On the duration, the manager has been working in the tours and travel industry, the response was that she has worked for eight years as a tours operator in her former company and five years in my present organization. That is to mean she has thirteen years experience in the tours and travel industry.

When asked of her role, she said that as branch manager her duties are supervisory, leadership and people management. She is also involved in planning, innovation and integration of technology in tours and travel. The company is involved in daily activities especially in tours and travel services to global visitors and tourists from all walks of life. They are involved in making travel arrangements, planning trip itineraries and offering advice on destinations. They also do entertainment activities, lodging and transportation. Regarding changes in the workplace in terms of environment and technology, she said that tours and travel industry, and especially their organization have undergone rapid changes.

First, there has been a fundamental change in tourist perceptions, increased desire to explore natural environments and increased environmental awareness. Web-based technology has revolutionalised booking, sales and content management (Maurer, 2003). The heavy and tiresome manual records of visitor details have been replaced with back-office product database. She notes that suppliers have also been connected to extranets and finance department now have an operational travel-specific financial system. Knowledge management and information systems are key areas that have radically developed (Benckendorff et al.

2014). Workplace environment changes have experienced challenges and opportunities. She noted that more than 15 years ago, tours and travel were bureaucratic, difficult and full of red tape. The situation was worsened by dictatorial managers, low remuneration and poor protection of tour guides and operators. She notes that nowadays, extensive research has provided avenues to understand ways of improving employee and customer satisfaction. Facilities such as visitor purpose vehicles, tour guides classes, and online entertainment equipment have improved operations in the organization. Moreover, the company financial performance is improving which has given confidence to employees, suppliers and customers to work with the company.

She commented on the current management as being oriented in servant leadership, coaching and training of employees. Moreover, well-performing employees are given bonuses and other rewards at the beginning of the year. However, the workplace has not integrated diversity and cultural change. This is an issue that the company will need to change.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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